1. Hi all, sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but can you pay a notary public to witness you packing an eBay package? I know NPs can witness the signing of documents, but what about certifying that Bag X was sent with Security Tag Number XXXX? Is that a crazy idea?
  2. They probably couldn't tell bag x from bag xyz kwim?
  3. That's actually a brilliant idea! I bet it would work. It would certainly give notaries more biz since the mortgage fiasco. I have my notary and haven't done much with it, as I was going to notarize mortgage documents.
    I think everyone would have to agree that notarized packages were the new acceptable way to prove shipment of items.
    Besides the 10 dollar charge would be worth not getting a chargeback for sending an"empty" box....
  4. It depends if eBay/Paypal would accept notarized documents as proof
  5. Thank you for all your responses. I did not mean to imply that the NP would vouch for the authenticity of the bag; I was just wondering if he or she could act as a witness that Bag X was being sent with security tag X to confirmed address X. I just thought perhaps it would lend an extra layer of security against potential fraud. eBay is such a scary place, and we all know from reading this forum that Paypal doesn't always stand up for the sellers. Just a thought...
  6. That would be a good idea though- to have special handbag notaries! People specializing in handbags that you could hire to authenticate/ document/ witness etc.. In a fantasy world :smile: I guess that's kind of what the purse forum does to a certain extent.

    Bagatella: are you having shipping issues to the point where you need to notarize the process? lol! what has ebay come to?