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  1. does anyone have a SA from Neimans who is email friendly? thanks!
  2. Does anyone have an email address for an SA at a CL boutique?
  3. Can anyone recommend great SAs at Bergdorfs and Barneys (in NYC) please? Thanks!
  4. hi ladies!

    if anyone have awesome (and preferably email-friendly) SAs for bergdorf goodman and neiman marcus, please pm me their contact info. TIA!

  5. Hello! Kindly send it to me too. Thanks! :smile:
  6. I would SO appreciate the contact info for a NM SA who will track down a pair of shoes from another store pm'd to me. TIA! :flowers:
  7. ^^ YES YES YES. Seconded, thirded, billioned!

    John is wonderful and fantastic. I went in late last week to look at the sale stuff, and I felt doted on. Doted, people. That just doesn't happen at NM. :amuse:
  8. ^^ Thank you so much! I emailed him a little while ago...I hope I hear back with good news! :biggrin:
  9. Just letting everyone know that Heather is no longer with NM in Bellevue.
  10. Agreed, both were very helpful and patient...especially for a CL newbie! :biggrin:
  11. I really must put in a plug for Jackie at Mount St. boutique - she went so above and beyond for me, it's the best customer service I've received from anyone in a very long time! And it was just out of kindness, it wasn't correcting any error made on their part, or even in connection with any transaction I had with them! Love being pleasantly surprised!
  12. Any one know what days Andres at Barneys NY Madison Avenue work? Thank you.
  13. Can second this. Also found several of their other sales staff really friendly and efficient too. Only wish I could visit more often :graucho:
  14. I have an awesome Neiman's SA, but I've always called him. He is in the Dallas, Northpark store. Their number is, 214-363-8311. Just ask for shoes, then for Greg. We are on Central time here & I believe he usually goes home around 5pm. You can tell him the black Patent No. Prive Slings for her daughter's graduation referred you, since he'll know who you mean. :smile: (or pm me for my name).