(not what you think) what's the longest you've gone...

  1. without opening a new h purchase? what's the longest you've let it sit in the box waiting for you, enjoying the anticipation only because you know the item is yours/in your possession.
  2. well not me!!!! i wait only for my hubby to get away and then i sit to admire it ,but only when i am all alone then i will start to enjoy looking at it and modelling
  3. you mean just not using it? i bought a scarf from Bergdorfs what 2-3 weeks ago and haven't opened it since i bought it. i think today's the day because i might bring her to my mom's and show her in case she wants to wear her. that does me though that i need to take the price off. lol
  4. Erhm...sub 3 seconds??

    I'd say shorter, except that my hands are shaking too da** much!

    I'm fully capable of waiting/stalking for the right bag, but once the box is here, it's demolition derby! For the packaging, that is.:nuts:
  5. why do you think you waited so long?
    your mom wears scarves? it skipped a generation in my family - my mom said yesterday, "i can't imagine buying a scarf." lol her mother wore them though.

    cymbidium "demolition derby" LOL
  6. Wait? Not me! The minute the orange box is in my hands I open it as quickly as possibly and immediately wear whatever was inside!
  7. I bought a blue and white scarf quite a few months ago but haven't worn it yet because it is more summery. :shrugs:
  8. i'm a hoarder. i want everything to stay perfect until i'm ready for it. then sometimes i plan the perfect outfit for it or i wait for a special occasion. i have tons of stuff like that. i bought a whole bunch of scarves lately- as you all know- but have really only been wearing 3. one is summery, 2 i'm deciding about, 1 i just got and have been so busy this week i haven't even tried it on and the last one is the one i'm talking about. my mom has the perfect outfit for it and ive been waiting to bring it to her house so she can try it on. i may just give it to her if she loves it.

    i am my mom's personal shopper. i pick out basically all her clothes and take her shopping for everything from bags to underwear to makeup. i took her to the hermes sale and showed her the scarves and she fell in love and bought like 5 and has been wearing them. she had scarves before- i bought her a stunning one from ysl a few years ago- but she never wore them. now she is! before this board i never imagined myself a scarfie either - i HATE winter scarves and was so mad this winter when i got 5 for christmas! i mean so mad. but hermes scarves are something else entirely.
  9. mm...like..open it once i get in my car?
  10. wow..what a beautiful idea. That's brings the true enjoyment of your purchases.

    I guess it's that xmas box open high vs. the beatufiul experience of anticipation, prepare yourself, and make it so super super special. I should try that for my next purchase. :graucho::graucho:
  11. Honestly...my first Kelly was a Christmas gift form DH. He bought it the beginning of November...and I would just look at the box w / o opening. Just knowing I HAD one was a great feeling...:smile:

    He wanted me to have it the moment it was home...but I wanted to wait...
    So, for me it was 7 or so weeks...

    That was many years ago...I wouldn't wait now...lol
  12. it's bad though. i have so much stuff sitting in my closet that i've yet to wear. i have a chanel card case i bought well over a month ago that i haven't taken out of it's box since i bought it because i love it so much i'm afraid to use it. lol. how wasteful is that?

    i do like saving special things for like my birthday though. i bought a dress last year and waited i think 3 months to wear it on my birthday. it was worth it. it looked awesome. then again it was a special birthday (30! eep!)

    but sometimes i do use things right away- the normal everyday things. or things i love and can't stand not to use. and once i use something like a bag- watch out, i use it all the time. but i feel like the really good stuff i want to stay just right until it's "time"

    the funniest thing is my "perfect outfits" that i usually will plan in my head never end up looking that good in the execution. maybe i am not realistic about my body and they would look amazing on someone thinner. LOL.
  13. well i will not wear it for almost quite a few months ,my Gp i did not wear for almost 2 months and the kelly it is still in the box ,just wore it yesterday--i wait for the right time
  14. Well, I can go a longer with out ahem than opening an H box.
  15. Oh this is so interesting!!
    In the beginning, I was clawing at the box the minute I got it from UPS or whatever.
    Then, it became waiting until the evening when the kid(s) was/were asleep when I could take my time and photographically document the entire saga of opening the box.
    And...the most recent time...I left the brown box untouched for THREE WHOLE DAYS before getting into it...and I have no idea why. I was busy, I knew what was in there and was no less excited than usual, but...somehow knowing it had come and what was in it, I was I think savoring the moment.