Not what I expected reveal :/

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  1. 4CCA8CB4-0B49-4EAE-8423-22694EBAD4F7.jpeg 57D67C8C-9943-4F99-9F2C-8485B7EE53B4.jpeg Haven’t figured out what Damier ebene bag to get yet but decided to order this and see what the fuss was about. Wasn’t sure if I would like it but decided to give it a chance. First thing I see is the left handle and hardware looking off right? I’ve never owned a Speedy but it doesn’t look right. And thanks for the ripped dust bag LV! It doesn’t seem like LV is a luxury brand sometimes. It’s going back!
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  2. It’s because the curvature of the handle. When my Speedy was brand new and the handle was stiff, it made the hardware crooked. It never bothered me and I’ve had mine for about a year and it’s straightened out. I find the rip dust bag less acceptable.
  3. Aw! I'm learning abut Speedies... thank you :smile: I did notice some resell sites had Nano Speedies with crooked hardware so that's not a problem. The ripped dust bag left a bad taste in my mouth. They could have done better.
  4. It's not really a thing with Speedies in general. The Nano handle is so small, if they don't match the curvature to exactly how the hardware should sit, that's when the hardware becomes lopsided. Gentle manipulation of the handle to make it curved inward a bit more would've helped too, probably.
  5. I was thinking what @karman said. I think if you use it more (especially with its handles), then it may curve them a bit more and reduce how they push the hardware sideways. However, I don't think this is the type of bag where you will be holding the handles as often.

    It's a really cute bag, though. Do you like how it fits on you when you wear it cross-body?
  6. Mine was like that too. One of the handle was out of shape, I just gently squeezed it couple times until the curve is angled right, and now it looks all good.
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  7. That's a disappointing outcome. I'm not sure if i like the LV on the rivets either.