Not what I expected...but pretty darn cute!

  1. I called my SA at NM and described what I thought was a night blue RM MAM! Well, I think we had a miscommunication snafu because I definitely didn't get what I thought I was getting. What I did get is the cutest periwinkle/purple RM done in a canvas with crackled leather accents. The canvas feels like it is coated and I really like the texture of the leather areas. I think this is one the colors for a collection that is exclusive to Neiman Marcus. The SA was talking about 2 other colors-I only remember green, because I was thinking purple/blue. Anyway, I have to admit I'm very pleasantly surprised-it's just darling for Spring! What do you think? The only problem was that I was wanting an all leather bag...
  2. I FREAKING LOVE THIS! This is the most adorable thing Ive ever seen! I have never even seen that! Congrats on the unexpected cutie!

    By the way, what does SNAFU mean??
  3. Niiiiiice snag!!! VERY unique!!! Lucky You!
  4. Snafu:

    Very cute bag btw. Love the purple! I am really hoping the lex will come in a purple shade.
  5. Mugzie: that bag is adorable! I love the idea of coated canvas. It's the perfect bag to bring with you on a weekend beach getaway. Which NM did you get it from?

    GUNG: SNAFU = Situation Normal, All Fouled Up. Or, if you prefer, another word that begins with "f"...

    I want a purple/lilac lex as well! I think that's the #1 bag I'm hoping that RM comes out with.
  6. Ohhhh pretty! I love it!
  7. Wow! Thats gorgeous! I didn't know that the MA came in canvas! Thats pretty nifty! I really like the bright color! Its going look so hot on you this spring!

    I'd love some more pictures ;)
  8. I love love love her. She's a keeper- congrats!
  9. What a beautiful combination of periwinkle/purple in the MAM. I would defintely keep it. Such a cutie!
  10. I got it from the Houston Galleria Neiman Marcus. It also comes in green and another color-I'm not sure which. Thanks for all the feedback-I think it's a keeper!
  11. Definitely keep! What an amazing surprise! I love the color and material combination. How much was she?
  12. OH it's gorgeous! Glad it turned out well :biggrin:
  13. so cute!
  14. It's lovely! All's well that ends well!
  15. It was $550.