not washing your hair--Water only/Conditioner only hair washing

  1. Not everyone uses a ton a product. I know myself, the only time product goes into my hair is when I wash and condition it. I love curly big hair so I also roll it and dryer set it. For this I will put setting/leave in conditioner, but other than that, no other products. Keeps the hair lighter, fluffier.

    So no, everyone doesn't need shampoo.
  2. Ladybug, I totally agree with you! I also don't use any product other than conditioner (and formerly shampoo).

    I think in the post you quoted first though (on the previous page) enilorac didn't mean to say "I don't understand how people don't wash their hair". I think she meant "I don't understand how one can shower, but not get their hair wet". That's how I took it anyway.
  3. yup.

    I have very dry hair. I wash my hair today and for 4 days straight you can still smell the shampoo in my hair. If I wash my hair everyday, it will break.

    the only time my scalp gets that oily or dirty is during that time of the month or when I have been sweating.
  4. Hi folks. I havent used shampoo on my hair in about 2 years. My hair is wavy and tends to be on the dry side (though not extremely). I use conditionter on my hair most days and I don't wash it completely out. Definitely helps with my frizzies

  5. Enilorac,

    I just wanted to clarify, the reason I asked your ethnicity is because some ethnicities don't wash there hair EVERYday because of the texture and sometimes because that person's texture combined with dry hair can cause lots of breakage.

    I personally wash my hair 1x a week (since I use no other products during the week), but if I happen to go to the gym alot, or use product for some reason, I will wash it more. Also, it depends on the styling, if I'm doing a blowout, or a rollerset, then I'm not going to wash that all out the next day, but if I'm wearing it wet wavy, then I may wash it 3-4 times a week. Just depends.

    Hope this adds more clarification to my question.
  6. gogopammy, thank you for your post! Sounds like we might have similar hair. Mine is also quite coarse though.

    So tell me how this works... My hair this afternoon was less oily than this morning :confused1: No brushing during the day, btw... Huh, not sure, but I'll take it! Must have been the thorough boar bristle brushing I did yesterday. Love my hair today! Cannot tell a difference (looking at it) to before when I was using shampoo. It does feel a bit different. Not in a bad way though. It's OK. It's nice. I'm happy :smile:
  7. It sounds like you aren't experiencing the "transition period" (re: greasy yucky hair) that lots of people go through when they stop washing. Good for you!! I am not brave enough to go totally "no shampoo" but I started using solid shampoo bars and washing every other day. I have coarse stick straight Asian hair and I find my hair feels much softer but it gets dry.

    Have you noticed any difference in hair loss? I don't mean gaping bald spots, but it seems on days I don't wash there's more hair strands in my brush. Then again maybe that's why I read not to constantly brush your hair if you go no confusing.
  8. I think you're probably losing the same amount of hair either way. It's maybe just that if you don't wash with shampoo, you lose less hair DURING the shower. But you're losing more AFTER the shower when you brush. Does that make sense?

    Personally, I think I am losing less hair, but I am not sure. I am definitely losing less hair each time I wash. Way less! But at the same time, I am not sure about hair loss outside the shower. I never used to brush my hair, so I have nothing to compare to regarding hairs in the brush etc.

    Sorry if I'm not explaining it well. I just got back from the Oktoberfest :biggrin:
  9. ^ ita
  10. 4-week update!

    Finally I feel like I am experiencing the benefits of water-only hair washing. I wash every couple of days, just as often as I did with shampoo. Now my hair feels almost evenly coated with sebum. It's shiny and feels soft. I have read that sebum contains oil and wax. Think about how a cat's fur feels... soft and as if it were coated with a very thin coat of wax. That is how my hairs feels right now. It's great even though waxy might sound odd!

    Should you decide to try this remember: The water needs a while to break down the excess oils and dirt in your hair, so a quick wash with water only won't to a lot of good. I have found this routine to work best: Get in the shower, wet your hair thoroughly, massage scalp while trying to have the water hit your head on the spot you are massaging... then do you body washing routine, once in a while let the water hit your hair to make sure it is coated well with water... when you're done with your body routine, thoroughly massage every spot of your scalp, rinse your hair, you're done :tup:

    HTH and if you're thinking about trying this DO IT! It's a great experience! I am def going to continue water-only washing :smile:

    PS.: Boar bristle brush is a requirement for this IMO. A regular brush will not distribute sebum across the length well. I use a cheapo 10-buck brush, not the Mason Pearson or whatever it's called for 100 bucks! Works fine for me.
  11. If my hair has been blown straight, I pin it up in a bun and wear a shower cap. If my hair is curly, I just pin it up since it would be ok if it got a little damp.
  12. i don't think this works for straight asian hair...
  13. I really need to try this.. or something similar to this. I got into a bad habit of shampoo & conditioning my hair everyday. About once a week I will skip a day, just to give me hair a break, but I end up miserable because my hair feels so dirty & greasy. Not only that but I feel like hair strands are constantly falling off on days that I don't wash.. it's gross. The problem is that my hair is looking sad these days.. dry, limp and frizzy on most days. I've read this whole thread and am going to try and cut back on the amount of washing I'm doing. I'll keep y'all posted! Thank you for the good info..
  14. I must wash my hair every other day, anymore than that it drives me CRAZY!!!!!
  15. Cutting down on washing is really hard, but I slowly stepped my hair routine back from washing every day with harsh shampoo to washing every other or every third day with sulfate-free shampoo. My hair has become easier to blow out and style, and it is much less frizzy lately.