not wanting to make you envious but...

  1. iv had a really stressful week after my birthday, going back to work and loads of uni work and exams but i had the best day today. i work in a big department store and i walked into the staff room today to find the best surprise. a beauty sale!!!!!!! all of the unused testers and discontinued stuff was cleared out of the stock room ready for stock take and they were selling it to staff. i got 2 fragrances (chanel no5 for my mother and gucci envy for me) for £5 each! YSL signes dorient pallet for £5, estee lauder magna scopic mascara for £3 and Ysl nail varnishes for £2. i am so happy! i just had to tell you all. clinique for men (for my SO) was all £3 too.
  2. Congrats! Sounds fun!
  3. Wow, lucky you! Great prices
  4. Nice!!!! and Happy Birthday. :smile:
  5. Lucky you! What fabulous prices!
  6. ah how great is that! So lucky :smile:
  7. jealous, jealous!!
    THat is nice of your store to treat their employees!
  8. I'm so jealous but congrats !!! :p
  9. What a lucky day!! Did you get Gucci's Envy or EnvyMe? I have the latter and it's been my fave scent ever since I got it, a couple of years ago. My mum has such great taste!
  10. congrats!
  11. :nuts: Grrreat deals! Congrats!
  12. you didnt want to make me envious, but you DID!!!


    lol. lucky you! :woohoo:
  13. wow - your lucky day!
  14. Seem's like you really deserved a good day. I'm happy for you. Congrats.
  15. Jealous, me? yeah alot! lucky you!