Not wanting all the Lvoe......?

  1. I woke up today having serious regrets about buying BOTH the Lvoe Bandeau & Bandana. Do I really NEED both?????

    I'm also kind of frustrated with the fact that the bandana was $195 instead of $140...I was told when I waitlisted it would be $140...what makes this different than say my Groom bandana that costs $140???

    ...stupid price hikes!

    Are these going to be THAT LE? They said the same thing about Groom and I can still get it easily.

    I'm thinking about returning the scarf...I just don't think I need it...unless they will be selling out soon..then i SOOOOO need it! I love me some LE!:shame:

    HeLp!!!:hysteric: :confused1:
  2. How much are the bandeaus btw?
  3. $110, I think?
  4. They're cute but I'd just keep the bandeau. I'm really hoping my store will get them in...argh.
  5. I received my Lvoe bandeau yesterday and the cost was $120.
  6. Yeah, I'd say just keep the one you like more if you're not sure about it.
  7. I agree with the others. :yes:

    If you feel guilty about having both then just keep the one you REALLY like and return the other.
  8. i'm getting my bandeau and i paid $120 for it.
  9. I'd say keep the one you love more.
  10. It seems like the LoVe shipment was really small and that it's more popular, because it's been hard to get (it seems) many places.