Not want your cat to be declawed?


Jul 19, 2006
I love the photo gallery -- so cute! My cat is declawed. I got her when I still lived at home and my mom got it done. After my mom found out the truth about declawing, she stopped having it done. Luckily my cat took the surgery well and was running around as soon as she got home from the vet. She still likes to "sharpen" her non-existant claws. I will definitely use these with my next cat. Thanks for sharing!


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Jul 31, 2006
Don´t declaw it´s inhumane and I can´t understand why it is still allowed in some countries. Our cats don´t have anything on their claws. They are cats. They have nails.


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Apr 28, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
declawing a cat removes his only form of defense. it also has been proven to have severe (really bad) psychological effects on the declawed cat. far worse than if he were to lose a limb. The soft paws are a far better option and you can train a cat not to use your drapes or furniture as a scratching post as long as you provide a suitable subsitute. you can also get the claw covers in different colors.
please don't consider declawing your future kitten, serious reprecussions will result and neither you nor the kitty will be happy.


Sep 9, 2006
Hot topic. I personally am against declawing for reasons that others stated here. Some cats will experience phantom pain years after the surgery/procedure. I really had a hard time seeing older cats getting declawed...:crybaby:They have a harder time healing... If it is the very last resort and one's decision is between giving up your cat to the shelter and declawing to keep with you, then... There are 'better' surgical methods to keep the cat as less painful as possible (nerve blocks, laser surgery, etc.).
I have adotped cats who are declawed. They will still do the scratching behavior not to sharpen nails, but as a marking behavior. There are scent glands between the paw pads, too.
I have 4 cats whom are not declawed and no one to this day has scratched up any of my furniture. I have cardboard and sisel scratching posts everywhere in my house.


May 28, 2007
Thanks to everyone who commented on this thread..I will not be declawing my kitty in the future. :smile:


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Apr 24, 2007
South Florida
I worked at an animal hospital for a number of years & de-clawing a cat is similar to having your fingers removed from the very top nuckle (closest to your nail) up. It is an extremely INHUMANE process & the vet I worked absolutely refused to to do it.

IMHO if you decide to become a pet owner you have to expect SOME level of wear & tear on your house. At this very moment I do not have any cats but will again sometime soon. Because of this I am aware of what I do & don't buy, (like leather couches). Also my cars always have upholstered seats because although I LOVE leather my 80lb Pit Bull would tear them to shreds!

We sold Soft Paws at the hospital where I worked & I would suggest you give them a go. Some people hated them but a fair amount of people SWORE by them. We also offered putting them on for the owners.

I am a huge animal lover & I have scratches on my LV's & Chanels from them & my hardwood floors don't shine quite as brightly but I would rather have some scratches then be w/o the love of an animal!

amazingly well said.:tup: i would NEVER declaw my cat. EVER. i'd rather have the scratches and wear and tear that comes with my beloved pets over hurting them anyday!


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Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
Oh no! Please don't declaw!! We had it done to one cat yeaaaars ago... we were new to cats, didn't have the wealth of information that is now available through the internet and other sources. My mom still talks about how she regrets that choice. I was only 8 so didn't have much of a say, but I do remember crying about my cat looking so sad and in so much pain from it.

The way softclaws work is that you trim the nail, put a dab of glue inside the softclaw and then put that on the cat's trimmed nail. The nail will grow, softclaws are not permanent, that is why they must be replaced every couple weeks, more often depending on the cat. They will still stretch out and claw at things, but they can do no damage. Combine softclaws maybe with some training and you should be fine. I think sometimes they look so cute, like the cat has a pedicure!
ohh that's so sad, i'm sorry that you rememberd looking at how sad your kitty was...kinda makes me sad too that you rememberd it since then:crybaby: aww, sad for the kitty too:crybaby:. but yeah, we've got a wealth of information now and know it shouldn't be done. can't believe that it would mess up the kitty's mental state too:sweatdrop:

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Feb 23, 2007
DH and I have tried them on two cats. Our one didn't fight them and most stayed on but some fell off as well. The other cat we dont have anymore was horrible about them!! She would actually stick her nails in cracks of the flooring and would pry them off! And even getting them on was horrible. And they would all be off within a few days. All I can say is that it may or may not work. It's a good idea, theoretically, but may not work for everyone.


Oct 18, 2006
Surf City USA
declawing a cat removes his only form of defense. it also has been proven to have severe (really bad) psychological effects on the declawed cat. far worse than if he were to lose a limb.
Declawing is wrong in so many ways.:crybaby:

I trim our cat's claws every other week or so and he sits in my lap patiently and allows me to clip away.
The psychological effect statement is so true.
When our cat has long sharp claws he is so playful and powerful. He loves strutting around and scratching his pole and swating at various things in our home. When his nails are clipped he seems so sad and bummed. My husband and I call him Samson sometimes. (Like in Samson and Delila) No claws= no manhood or power in our cats case!


Feb 12, 2006
please don't modify your cat. if cats claws are going to be inconvenient for you, please look into maybe another type of pet. :yes:


Jan 30, 2006
I have heard great things about soft paws! I have 3 cats myself and NONE of them are declawed. I have a cat tree that they scratch on very happily. IMO, declawing is inhumane. I don't care what method they use. I could never do it personally.