Not want your cat to be declawed?


May 28, 2007
My bf and I were talking about getting a kitten in the near future. We were discussing about maybe getting the cat declawed only in the front two paws. My bf was getting curious and asked one of his friends online and his friend recommend not declawing and trying an alternative method. We thought it was a joke at first and kinda laughed.

Check this website out...

Soft Paws...

And yes we are both very tempted to order this product for our future feline pet. :smile:


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Apr 24, 2007
those are great! my best friend has 4 cats and uses them on all of them.. i didn't want to declaw my cat either - (i just think it's inhumane) and after seeing how well those work with her cats, i ordered for my little girl as well :smile:


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Mar 6, 2007
My cat would never let me put those on her. When I got her, she was a bit reckless with her claws and I asked my vet about declawing her. She assured me it is fine for indoor cats. I had my cat declawed in the front and she is a very happy cat who does enough damage with her back claws! No regrets for me.


Feb 15, 2007
Oh gosh, in case anyone wants to declaw their cat, please don't. It's terribly inhumane and there are reasons it's been made illegal in lots of countries.

There's also a type of double sided sticky tape you can use in addition to the soft paws.


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Apr 24, 2006
^ITA. It is comprable to a doctor severing your finger at the bone/knuckle. It is extremely painful for the cat. I would have had to exhaust EVERY last option I had before I would ever put an animal through that.

If the cat is so bad that its either get it declawed or take it to the pound, I would get it declawed, but that is a LAST DITCH effort IMHO.
Jan 29, 2006
I hope no one ever declaws their cat. The girl I used to babysit declawed her cat and after the surgery her cat would just sit there for hours while before he was very active and friendly. He became very quiet..and my guess is that the whole procedure messed with his mental state so I would definitely not recommend declawing to anyone.

as for this looks awesome..i may just order it for my kitty...but i have to wait abit until she's alittle older cause she's only 8 weeks old now.


Feb 15, 2007
I'm not convinced by these..... cats claws are continuously shedding layers, which is why they need to scratch things in the first place.
How do they get round that with these covers?
I havent used them since a scratching post works for me. But from the people I know who use these covers- the covers fall off after some time depending on the cat, and you can trim the claws before putting them back on again.


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Mar 31, 2006
Don't get your cat declawed. It is first inhumane. Secondly, if you cat ever did accidently get outside, they have lost one of their biggest defense mechanisms, causing them to be near to helpless. It is also extremely painful for the cat, and as mentioned, can mess your cat up mentally. My cat has her nails and she never tore up any furniture(she's five) or caused any other havoc with her claws. And it is as simple as clipping her nails once a week so that they don't overgrow.


Jan 9, 2006
Oh no! Please don't declaw!! We had it done to one cat yeaaaars ago... we were new to cats, didn't have the wealth of information that is now available through the internet and other sources. My mom still talks about how she regrets that choice. I was only 8 so didn't have much of a say, but I do remember crying about my cat looking so sad and in so much pain from it.

The way softclaws work is that you trim the nail, put a dab of glue inside the softclaw and then put that on the cat's trimmed nail. The nail will grow, softclaws are not permanent, that is why they must be replaced every couple weeks, more often depending on the cat. They will still stretch out and claw at things, but they can do no damage. Combine softclaws maybe with some training and you should be fine. I think sometimes they look so cute, like the cat has a pedicure!


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May 17, 2007
Some vets use a new method of declawing with laser and it is less painful. I got my indoor cats declawed and it was the best thing ever! No more scratch up everything. I got it done when they got neutered though.


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Mar 28, 2006
My cat Nober (who lives with my Mom), gets the softclaws regularly. They are plastic caps, that you put a little glue in, snip the end of the cats claws (just to make them a little less pointy), and then gently push on to each claw.

We only do her front paws and this really cuts down on her clawing everything. She still sheds her claws, and then you have to re-apply the caps, but it doesn't seem to bother her. The caps last 3-4 weeks or longer depending on her activities. It's really the best of both worlds!! The caps are cheap, you can teach your cat to sit patiently while you appply the caps, and your furniture is saved -- plus the colors are fun! Just wanted to share my experience!


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Mar 23, 2007
I worked at an animal hospital for a number of years & de-clawing a cat is similar to having your fingers removed from the very top nuckle (closest to your nail) up. It is an extremely INHUMANE process & the vet I worked absolutely refused to to do it.

IMHO if you decide to become a pet owner you have to expect SOME level of wear & tear on your house. At this very moment I do not have any cats but will again sometime soon. Because of this I am aware of what I do & don't buy, (like leather couches). Also my cars always have upholstered seats because although I LOVE leather my 80lb Pit Bull would tear them to shreds!

We sold Soft Paws at the hospital where I worked & I would suggest you give them a go. Some people hated them but a fair amount of people SWORE by them. We also offered putting them on for the owners.

I am a huge animal lover & I have scratches on my LV's & Chanels from them & my hardwood floors don't shine quite as brightly but I would rather have some scratches then be w/o the love of an animal!