Not very happy with my purchases! :(

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  1. I just came back from Hong Kong yersterday and bought a Jumbo flap and a wallet, both of which I love. Just this morning, I took them out to take some pics and I noticed some imperfections.

    Firstly, the Jumbo flap:



    I'm having issues with the alignment. From the naked eye, it doesn't line up properly at certain areas, especially at the top left corner of the back pocket! I know I'm supposed to look at it straight so that the quilting aligns but it still doesn't. HOWEVER, from the pics I took and from when I look at it in the mirror when I'm carrying it, it's perfect. So this I could let go. Oh, I also find the chains to be quite stiff. At first I thought it's because the bag is still new but then I don't recall my med/large classic flap to have this 'problem'. So is this normal?

    Next I'm really mad about: the wallet.




    When I was transferring my stuff into my wallet, I noticed one of the card slots is 'peeling' apart. I could see dried-up glue in between. WTH! I haven't even started using my wallet and it's giving me problems. I tried taking pictures but couldn't capture it. Should have checked more carefully at the boutique but then I realised you can't really see it unless you try putting a card into the slot.

    Anyway, I'm going to bring it to my local Chanel boutique tomorrow to see if they could do anything about it, so tempted to just glue it myself. This is disappointing, for the price I pay I expected a lot better. Add to that, I couldn't bring myself to tell my friends/family because it's quite embarrassing plus the wallet is a birthday gift. This will probably put me off Chanel for a while now but I still love my bags though!
    CIMG7272.jpg CIMG7275.jpg CIMG7279.jpg CIMG7280_1.jpg CIMG7282.jpg
  2. i'm so sorry about your new purchases.. Yes, you better bring it to your local Chanel boutique, I'm sure they can fix it for you.
  3. Hi so sorry that you have to go throught this, for the Jumbo, to ease your mind, I think the alignment looks good to me and the stiffness of the chain, I feel that sometimes with my Jumbo too ... don't worry, it's a gorgeous Jumbo, I have the exact one, you will love it more and more and very soon you'll forget about all these.

    and the wallet, I hope Spore Chanel can do something for you, make sure you bring the receipt with you, or call the HK boutique and make them talk to Spore Chanel directly so that they can do something for you... keep us posted.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I-shop and IceEarl.

    I tried calling the local boutique but the store manager isn't there. Not sure if I should call up HK's airport branch from which I bought my Chanels because I figured out it would be a hassle to do an exchange.

    I also found another problem: I think my box for the Jumbo flap isn't the correct one because now that I look at it, it seems too big. It isn't that big of a problem so I guess I have to get over that?
  5. So sorry to hear about your jumbo and wallet! It's tough when you pay so much and there are imperfections. Hope you manage to sort it out at the boutique here in SG - be firm with them because they may tell you that there's nothing they can do. Maybe call up Colourwash - they do bag/wallet repairs too. For me, the box is not so important but I know it can irk you - HUGS!!!
  6. ^^

    Thanks bagmad73, I'll be bringing my wallet down to the boutique tomorrow to let them have a look. As for the jumbo box, I called Chanel HK and they said I could have my friends or family pick up the correct box if they are in HK, which is fine with me because it's not urgent.

    Ahh I'm a little mad at myself that I didn't check properly at the boutique and was just so in a hurry to get my bag and wallet!
  7. For that much money you should be off the wall happy. Return them and find something better. Unfortunately Chanel quality is not as good as it once was and it makes me limit some purchases.
  8. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough, but I'm not seeing any problem with the Jumbo.
  9. So Sorry
  10. Both are wonderful buys, congrats.

    however, from what I see, the alignment for your jumbo is okay :smile: But for the wallet, it's best to exchange it.
  11. Hugs. I hate when something that should be deliciously fun turns into a disappointment.
  12. Aww, sorry bout the wallet. But for that jumbo...oh man thats totally fine! its sucha gorgeous piece, u shouldnt let something that small keep u from loving it!
  13. I hope you could do something about it! Get it fixed! I would be very pissed too if I were you, but I'd probably let it go. I had the same problem (and many others) with my plum lambskin long wallet but she's just too HTF that I closed an eye on that.
  14. I am so sorry for your problems and I hope they get resolved soon. Both are gorgeous pieces though.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with the alignment and if it's so minor, I'd say let it go. If the wallet imperfection really bothers you, I'd do an exchange.