Not very experienced with selling on e-bay, please help, is this okay?

  1. I've not sold a lot on e-bay, but I know to request paypal payment and ship to a confirmed address only. Well, I have had a non-paying bidder for 5 days now and she finally sends payment through paypal, but it is not a confirmed address. Not only is it unconfirmed, but it has a different name and address from the name and address that's linked to her paypal account. Is this some sort of scam? If I ship insured mail, would that cover me? Sorry I am naive on these matters :shame:
  2. No, you are not covered if you ship to unconfirmed address. Not sure about the different name and address, maybe someone else will know for sure, but I think that would be ok if the address was confirmed.
  3. BTW they are not considered a nonpaying bidder if they pay within 7 days according to eBay policy.
    That being said, you should refund the payment that she did send, explaining that your auction stated confirmed addresses only. I assume it DID say that, right?
    Then you request that she either confirm the address on the account (in which case who cares if the info matches the eBay account because you are protected--I use my husband's PP account all the time and it's not my name or shipping to my eBay address; it goes to his office), or have her submit payment from another PP account that is confirmed.
  4. for me, i NEVER send to unconfirmed address. i always ask them to provide me with an address that is confirmed. if they cant, then i just refund their money.
  5. I've actually shipped to unconfirmed paypal addresses before. I travel around a lot myself and they few times I buy off ebay I may ask the seller beforehand if it's ok to ship to a different address (I always make this clear before bidding - I think it helps that I have 100% positive feedback). Anyway, when I do ship to an unconfirmed paypal address I always use delivery confirmation/sig required. However, as the others mentioned, you are taking a risk when you do this as you don't have paypal protection this way. I personally will only do this if I the buyer has a certain amount of feedback and it is all good.