Not using your Chloe bag because it's too heavy?

  1. Has anyone stopped using their Chloe bag because it was a too heavy? I just bought the quilted bay, and I don't know if I'll get used to the weight.
  2. I find my paddington really heavy but it doesn't stop me from using it. I love it so much and it looks so good so I just put up with the weight. I just rotate the way I carry it so if my shoulder starts aching I'll wear it on my arm or carry it by the handles. It's ok for me as long as I can show off my pretty paddy!! lol
  3. You get used to it eventually. I find I just carry less to compensate for the difference. I omitted all the optional things... and I rotate sides of my body to even it out!!!
  4. I dont think I have actually found any of my Chloe bags heavy but I heard other people say they have. Anyways obviously wouldnt stop using a chloe bag. They are too beautiful and also really practical.
  5. I don't think they are as heavy as what some people complain about. But if you are going to spend an entire day (shopping or out) and know you will be carrying it for hours and hours without a break - then this may be an issue and a different bag may suit that kind of outing better.

    Paddingtons have very comfortable handles - and don't really dig into your shoulders - despite the weight.
  6. THanks everyone for sharing your responses. I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it! :smile:
  7. Chloe does have comfy handles. Some other designers have a big bag with thin straps, which can be agonizing.
  8. I was using my paddy for work and for traveling. And I have to admit that it was too heavy for me carrying it around all day.. even I love my paddy baby soo much... I replaced her with a mini paddy. I can't fit as much in it, but it is much lighter.
  9. I love my Chloe Ediths, but I will admit that I got tendenitis in my left arm because of it. The bag itself is not the problem... it's all the stuff I put inside of it that makes it heavy.
  10. I just bought one of the larger Heloise bags and I am not really in love in with it because it is heavy. The leather is thick and once I fill it with an umbrella and stuff, it is pretty heavy. I think I would be happier with a light YSL Tribute.
  11. It was mentioned on this site that you should fill the bag at the store with you stuff and then try it on. Once I read that I thought good idea.

    Can you return it? and get your YSL?
  12. If I'm in love with a bag I'll hoist it around no matter what. I do, however, get embarrassed when I have to hand the bag off to someone else on occasion - like when I'm trying something on in a store - and they slump to the floor in anguish from the weight. They think I'm a crazy person to lug all that around. But heck - you should see my biceps!
  13. I have to say I don't have much problems with my new 07 paddy. It's heavier than most of my bags to start off with but I alternate between carrying it on my shoulders, my arms and then just holding it. HTH
  14. Yes!When I use my paddy I have to make sure I won't be walking too much that day or my shoulder/arm won't be able to bear the weight all day!
    The lightest Chloe I have is probably the audra as there's no heavy lock!!
  15. After taking my mocha front pocket Paddy out yesterday and today, have to say it is a bit heavier than some of my other Chloes and other designers, but as was mentioned, the handles are very comfortable and I rotate it from shoulder, to crook of arm, to handheld. I also think that it is how the bag fits ones body that can make a difference, not sure why, but some of my bags seem to bother me weight-wise more than others, and the bags actually weight about the same.