Not Using My Antigona Because of the Strap

  1. Does anyone find themselves shunning their Antigona because they find the strap too short? I have the small and would love the strap to be long enough for it to sit at my hip. I've had the bag for a year and a half and have probably only used it a handful of times :confused1:
  2. I would definitely carry mine more if the strap was longer. I am a crossbody devotee so it says a lot that I own and carry the Antigona as much as I do. I would probably never put it down if the strap was longer. I recently got a guitar strap that I can't wait to try on it.
  3. I need one! I wanted the Off White one but it's sold out everywhere here and I can't find any others I like as much as that one :confused1:
  4. I think brands should make adjustable straps on most bags. Modern day women want bags they can carry all different ways.
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  5. I don't use mine because the strap detaches itself from the bag at the most inconvenient times...