Not using Bryn

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  1. DH bought me the petrol printed leather small Bryn for xmas. Although I love the combination of the blue with the gold hardware, it doesn't seem to go with any of my clothes very well. I wear a lot of navy blue and my winter coats are navy or dark green, this blue just doesn't gel.

    Should I dye her (him?), or maybe sell? I have quite a few evening bags, but was hoping for this for a daytime handsfree option when I only have a couple of keys and purse to carry and childrens' hands to hold!
  2. I love my petrol bryn. She gives me a lil colour when I'm wearing all black & don't want to pop too much. However, I am extremely paranoid when I take her out due to the material on the petrol bryn. So unless you think that you can use her more often, may be move her on & get a bag that you really love?
  3. If you have had it since christmas and haven't really used it then I would sell it on and get something you will use. I've been told by the outlets that they should be getting new colours in soon , so you might want to keep an eye on the stock they get in. I wear a lot of navy and I agree with it not going well. I was think of petrol for my blue bag but decided against it.

    I wouldn't dye it In case it goes wrong. Then you wouldn't wear it and it couldn't be sold.
  4. Thanks. I don't wear much black because it washes me out.

    I was thinking of having it professionally dyed black - not by The Handbag Spa - but somewhere more reasonable.
  5. Sell it. Someone will snap it up and you will have money towards a new bag. Unless DH would be offended you sold a gift?
  6. He is not going to find out!
  7. I don't suppose they said which colours? I love the furry one in black but only if it comes down more in price
  8. I love my petrol bryn :smile: I do wear her with a lot of black in this weather . I also wear her with mustard ,and she looks great with grey :smile:
  9. Sell it. It would be a shame to possibly ruin it when someone would love it in that colour (me :smile:).
  10. Have decided to sell and get a M Kors Selma Crossbody instead in the bright summer blue. I think it will go with most colours including navy.

    Sad to loose a Mulberry (but funnily, without the enormous postman's lock, the Bryn doesn't 'feel' like a Mulberry now?...?.)