Not trying to be judgemental just curious - why men here?

  1. I was actually quite surprised to see several men on this forum. I understand that there are some men who like to buy bags for themselves and I can totally respect that, but I also see some men here who are not into bags themselves, so what's the lure? Buying for a SO? Just stumbled upon this site to find a gift for someone and found the forums interesting?

    I think it's GREAT to hear some guy voices (especially under the nonbag stuff as we can talk about LIFE with both sexes), but I still find it ODD to find men on a purse forum? And...what do your SOs think of your Purse forum talk? My DH thinks it strange for ANYONE, I know, but at least I can say I WEAR purses and am trying to be informed on deals and the like!

    So Spill it fellas!
  2. Cause I have a gf, and I like to find nice stuff for her. I originally came here to authenticate some bags and sunglasses, then decided to stick around a bit. I mostly read in the fashion forums cause I don't have much to offer (obvs, I don't wear girls clothes or shoes), so those are my research forums. The off topic stuff I do participate in. Honestly, I think a lot of girls have a certain way of thinking when it comes to guys and I feel that's not always right. I try to offer a male perspective so that both sexes could understand each other a little better. On top of that...there are some really cool people here.
    As far as how the gf feels...she kind of thinks all forums are a bit odd, but she's never had a job where most of her duties are automated meaning lots of free time in front of a computer. I have to do something all day, and over the years, you find interaction and fun things in forums like this. It being a purse forum isn't a big deal. I think she understands and knows it's for the reasons I've stated above.
  3. Well, I think it's great you are here and I love your posts from the guy perspective - especially since you are a bit more mature (not old, just mature)! It's true, girls sometimes get it all mixed up!
  4. I wonder also. I don't have any guy friends who frequent forums where the majority of the posters are women: it's usually car forums, finance-career forums, law-school forums (where sadly, 90% of posters are male), etc.
  5. i'm glad this was asked! i was wondering myself! not that i have anything against it, i think it's great to have guys around here like Charles to give their opinion and tell us like it is when us girls get a bit crazy.
  6. I don't find it all that curious because this is a huge forum and other topics besides bags are discussed.

    Even if I weren't into bags, I'd still find this forum fascinating because of the demographic. Every other forum I've participated membership consisted of 20 something men. Maybe I should have expected this, but I can't believe how incredibly different the atmosphere is here because of its' participants. I've gotten some interesting perspectives on various issues in life and even when my interest in bags wanes (because I go through phases), I'll still find this place engaging.

    Interestingly, I've had change the way I discuss issues here vs. other places. I'm more delicate. :p
  7. This is true, but it is called "the purse forum". How would you know there are other things to talk about than purses if you ran across it?

    My husband talks on several forums - but it's the Jeopardy forum and some political forums. Forums I participate in are baby/kid related and this one.
  8. Google things besides purses and this may hit since there are other discussions?

    I'm also on three political forums and a computer & comp peripherals forum. I was on a baby forum but I got bored. ;)
  9. Ah, this is true too - good old google (and the like)!
  10. I*ll try to give my reasons and the reasons I think may apply to others:

    - Brand addicts (I think this makes up the largest number of male regulars). Many of the biggest boards here are NOT about purses, but about a certain brand. These brands of course sell a lot of purses, but also other things, more commonly related to males; luggage, shoes, clothes, watches etc.

    - shopping for wives and similar

    - Fashionistas

    - Participate in the nice and relaxing atmosphere on tPF. There are a number of nice people and more or less un-purse-related topics here. It's a big forum and it leaves place for non-"pursers" to enjoy the dabets and the atmosphere. There are a LOT of other forums that lack this.
  11. I've come to realize that forum participation in most subject areas is just predominately male. ABA stats show entering classes to be about even for males and females. For some reason, men just find there way to online forums. In two Mac forums I've frequented, there are hardly any female participants but there are quite a few women here who use them. For some reason, they just don't join forums to talk about them. :shrugs:
    Same with the political forums I participate in.
  12. Yeah, I appreciate the guys being here, esp. when it comes to relationship problems lol, it helps to know what guys think on the subject sometimes )
  13. In fact come to think of it maybe we should have an "Ask Charles" thread. His advice and opinions are usually well thought out and objective with a male perspective thrown in. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. I like it that it's not all girls. Mostly because a vast majority of our relationship threads deal with men. We need a male perspective to see things more clearly!
  15. We should take a poll to see how many girls here have post crushes on Charles.

    *raises hand* Even the bf knows who he is.