Not trying to be "discriminating" on newbies but..

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  1. I'm apart of other forums and some other forums have a required post limit before you can post (or have permission to view) in the Playground area (example 50 posts etc.) At first I didn't know why people did this but I kinda see now why this would be helpful. (I believe here at tPF we have a limit requirement here for PMs right??) Sometimes people post in the Playground area and they are trolling or people just have "interesting" (aka rude) first posts. I've been thinking of this for the past few months but today seeing the thread about how a poster (her first post) was to b*tch about how much she hated old people and it bugged the heck outta me. Wastes everyone's time to read crap like that. Even if I don't respond to some of the threads, reading the negative threads just leave a bit of negatively in my mouth and lingers.

    In another forum I used to be apart of, they had this rule because once someone came in and just blew up the Playground will really negative things about the members. I'm guessing this person was a mad banned member who wanted to get somer revenge but still people read the thread and feelings were hurt. It left a big mess behind in the end.

    Like I said I really don't mean to be discriminating on any new members or anything (I'm always very excited to meet new members, this may even encourage new members to be a bit more active within tPF), I'm just thinking on how we can improve and protect our Playground area. We have such a loving and trusting community and a lot of us feel comfortable showing pict5ures of us etc. but this would also be nice to have to protect us from lurkers stalking our photos or whatever a crazy person can think of. LOL.

    And I think having a like 50 post requirement isn't high at all, its realistic and easy to accomplish quickly but it is high enough to kinda scare off trolls etc.

  2. I see your point, but the mods and admins. are usually very quick to clamp down on the trolls or anyone here for mischief. Members too are good about rejecting posts that are looking to start a fight.

    Vlad and Megs may feel they have enough rules already. But maybe they'll consider it.

    We'd all prefer that stuff like that not happen, but it's almost impossible to totally prevent. Considering the size of tPF, they do an amazing job with the idiots who try to start carp.

  3. I agree, they are very fast and this place is amazing esp. for the size. :tup: Just trying to look out for my online community, my tPF family. ;)
  4. I saw more rudeness and ugliness yesterday from a couple of 'veterans' than I've seeen from newbies in a long time.
  5. ^^I usually miss that stuff, but occasionally have wondered what people are thinking. Or are they :drinkup: while posting and an ugly side surfaces???
  6. dang, where was this?? i never catch things in time. i swear, im always in my own little world. :P
  7. I agree with Swanky - in a lot of instances, the regulars are just as bad or worse than the newbies. And the vast majority of newbies (and regular members) are reasonable and respectful of the rules. I, personally, think that the best way to combat this problem is a case-by-case basis instead of a blanket rule barring newbies from the playground until they up their post count. If you see a member being repeatedly rude, no matter what their post count, report one of their rude posts and indicate in the message that this is a pattern of behavior for the particular member. A mod will see it and take care of it if action is warranted. The turnaround on action like this is, in most instances, pretty quick, so I'm not sure a 'private' playground is needed.
  8. Some people do come here just for the playground area..take charles for example i dont think he is going to be posting the new purse he just bought himself or telling everyone else how cute their collection.
  9. I think there's only so much that could be done. Good suggestion though. I think we just have to face up to the negative comments till that person is swept away by the authorities here. Yes, i do agree with swanky about some of the veterans here....i think it's some power trip authority they feel like they have since they've been here for so long - really big ego problem. Overtime we may inadvertantly develop this attitude and not realize it. I try to keep myself in check. Love all you gals/guys btw!!

    Yes i do agree with your aspect of trying to protect a community so not many lurkers would be able to become avid stalkers. But, i think anything online is kind of hard to protect unless we had something more substantial (that is less open to the public) like facebook, you know their protocol - the problem is that we're not facebook, nor are forums made that way (but even facebook has stalker situations once in a while). If you want to be anymore personal and keep on posting your pictures up (which are lovely btw and which i have seen), the only way is probably to become friends with them on other trusted social meeting networks. I use to post pictures of myself online too but i came to a realization one day that there'd probably be millions of people coming across my picture over a short span of time and i decided i'm just not comfortable with that. My pictures are dedicated for a certain audience and that is TPF members, but, there are surely other TPF faux members that have other things in mind with your pictures.

    I think i'm rambling a little here.

    But i was reading amanda's comment on how a blanket rule may not be necessary, and i totally agree. I think a little bad mouthing here and there is normal (you know, that's the real world) but if it starts to get out of control (which i don't see it as being now), that's when something really needs to be done (maybe what you're suggesting -a blanket rule).

    :tup: i agree with this too

    Thanks for trying to make the forum a much better place missie (you bring a lot of spunk to the subforums btw)! :heart:

  10. Yes... because all those idiots who start carp.....if they would mullet over, they'd realize they're messing with the sole of tpf!

    (sorry, bad fish puns, but i couldn't resist!):nuts:
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. once i realized this too i started to only load photos using photobucket under a folder called "tPF" so that way if i ever had to for whatever reason delete my photo(s) i could delete the photo (or the entire folder) via photobucket and it makes the link no longer valid and will have the photo no longer visible.

    and thanks everyone for your thoughts, i guess you all make great points with the fact that our mods do a great job killing the trolls etc. gotta love them!! (the mods not the trolls!!)
  13. ^^ i've heard of this before, now i really want to consider doing it. thanx for sharing what you do.
  14. The "playground" has grown into a huge universe of community of itself, complete with sub-communities and intra-community communities and an absolute behemoth of a whole galaxy of comprehensive and encyclopedic resources with a staggering wealth of knowledge on a pretty awesome collection of topics that touch the lives of just about all earth residents.

    I don't think that could have happened without the Serene Management's commitment to inclusion.

    Any forum is going to have some trollage, and if that is the tradeoff for the inclusion and having that ginormous sprawling resource available to anybody who wants to ask or answer, about everything from eyeliner technique to problem boyfriends to making cake in a cup to how to commit mani-pedis on pet bunrabs to what those girls on The Hills are really doing, I think the world - and we - are definitely getting the best part of the bargain!
  15. :ps: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: