not too sure...

  1. i'm contemplating buying a pre-owned damier speedy, and i found a deal which saves me $150 off the retail price. the bag is in good condition (the seller stated 9/10) and i'm waiting for more pictures of the bag. if the bag does turn out to be in a great condition, do ya think $150 off is a good deal or should i just save a bit more and buy it at the store?
  2. How old is it? I think it´s a good deal since you don´t have to pay the taxes (or do you lol)?
  3. I would buy it at the store...apparently some of the linings in the first run of those pieces are faulty and the color rubs off on items inside the bag. If you buy from LV and run into a problem, it'll be a lot easier to get it taken care of.
  4. she bought it in june this year (that's when damier speedy came out right?) and i'm waiting for her reply about the date code. and no taxes whatsoever.

    i figured it is a good deal too but i have always bought my lvs from the store and this is the first time that i'm thinking about buying a preowned bag (thanks to this wonderful community which has given me the confidence to do so!!!) so i'm not sure. :confused1:
  5. I think its a good deal. when you figure no taxes on top of the 150$ that would almost pay for your azur pochette :smile:

    I'd ask about the bleeding lining though just to be sure. I mean there are ways around it with the purseket. But you could still have that issue when buying from the store too.
  6. thanks! i think i'm gonna get it! *keeping fingers crossed*
  7. does it come with dust bag and the box?
    I personally think LV boxes are great...and they are great for storing LV bags ....
    if this one you looking for doesn't come with the box
    I do think the box worth $150 anyway...
  8. yup it comes with the dustbag and box. (:
  9. you......BUY~*~
  10. Sounds like a great deal! Just make sure it's authentic and there's no hidden flaws. Though the damier is pretty durable actually, there's not much flaws to worry about, :P and the speedy is still so new. Yea, perhaps, only the bleeding lining. But I think MOST damier speedies selling in the store now still bleed anyway, just how severe it bleeds.
  13. oh this happened on sunday night thats why it was so funny to me. the damn thing is still sitting here in its box and it irritates me just looking at it.
  14. how about you bring a friend along if you do meet up with her, so you'll have an extra pair of eyes. but i dont know if the seller might be annoyed? if the bag is in a real good condition, like you're satisfied with it i'd say go for you. cause you are saving some money and you could that toward someone else.
  15. you should meet up at a lv store and get it authenticated right there thats what i would do. i dont know how to spot fakes thats why im sooo scared of buying anything on ebay.