Not too excited...

  1. I loved the Spring Summer collection thus far on the runway, but look how they turned it into a campaign.

    Let`s hope for better pics, I`m really disappointed after all the previous gorgeous campaigns! I think the setting is way too American (sorry, I don`t mean that in a rude way, but hey, don`t we love BV for its taste of la dolce vita?) and those two models are not too capturing...

    It was shot by Sam Taylor-Wood and the models are Thibault Oberlin and Alyona Osmanova.
    boteg1zb0_1200x1200_150KB.jpg boteg2et1_1200x1200_150KB.jpg
  2. Yeah, this ad campaign looks a little drab. Part of me wants to say get the bag off the dirty floor, lol!
  3. It reminds me of an Ethan Allen furniture ad. (Ethan Allen, for our non-U.S. members, is a chain of American furniture stores--some photos in their catalog look like this)

    Give me Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Milano!
  4. it does look a little, well, blah.
  5. I don't recall the S/S 07 campaign, but this one has so much light and brightness compared to the dark and sultry ads of F/W 07; I think that is why it seem so drab. And Claus is right that it has a very American feel, which is fine if you are Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren, but not Bottega Veneta! No matter, I will still drool over the catalog and flip through it till the pages fall apart!
  6. You are right. They should put a little more creativity in the ad-or at least a few more $
  7. I like it actually! It's so fresh and light after the Fall/ Winter campaign, which is much similar to the Spring/Summer clothes, which are so light coloured. :p
  8. I kind of like it, they were obviously going for something very different and modern.
  9. I love it! It really speaks to Bottega's casual/understated luxury.

  10. I like the lighter feel but prefer a more European-like setting. Speaking of lighting, I always feel most of the BV boutiques are a tad too dim. I understand the desire to portray a cosy and inviting environment but not so dark that one can't quite get a proper look of the items (esp the accuracy of the colours). Just my $0.02.
  11. ^That was exactly what a friend of mine said. She visited the boutique in NYC in the St Regis and said she needed a MagLite to see anything!
  12. I like the Bal Harbour boutique. To me, just the right lighting and set up. They have amazing SA's all around. It is a super enviroment! Go BV!
  13. I actually like it, I think... the colors are soothing and refined but not overstated. Also the bag on the floor just off to the side adds to the casual elegance vibe that I associate with BV, and with warmer climates. I just don't like the styling of the male model, he looks a little too hip hop for BV. And I sort of miss Inguna.
  14. Wow, tagging the ad pics as way too Ethan Allen is so right on.....I think people love BV for it's very italian/european feel....we can get plenty of "american" in america! I I actually have some Ethan Allen furniture in my house and love it for its look and price point....but thats not what I am going for with my bag!!! I don't mind the more rustic, casual look...just not for bags that are several thousand dollars and really a piece of true luxury.
  15. Ms Piggy, I sooo agree with you on the BV lighting, I completely find that I have no idea what the colours look like and definately miss some of the details aswell, especially when both the BV boutiques in the UK put half their stuff on the basement floor with no windows and about one spotlight!

    C-24, I don't like the ad campaign either, while it is understated I feel that unless I really knew BV, it would not entice me to buy into the brand! Dying to see the pics for SS collections though!