Not too age appropriate for me isn't it? Need Advice!

  1. Ok!
    So I really shouldn't look - but I went to Nordstrom's website and saw some new Juicy bags and I fell in love with this one! Not to mention it has cherries! I love cherries!


    I love the style but I am worried about whether it is age appropriate... I don't know if I am getting too old for Juicy (I am in my mid 20's, working) - I still love it! Do you think this is still age appropriate? Or should I save up a bit more for this one?


    Any advice is appreicated! Or should I just not get a Juicy and get another Tano? LOL

    Gosh - decisions, decisions!
  2. one of each sounds good, but the age old statement still stands.

    if you LOVE it... BUY it! they are all darling, and tano is great so good luck with that decision. if you decide between 2-3 specific bags, post a poll up and i'll totally vote ;)

    i personally like the second one better but if the juicy is cheaper and you LOVE it (cherries are hot) GET IT!~
  3. LOL
    Both are Juicy Couture actually...

    First one (Cherry Couture Baby Fluffy Satchel $265) :
    Seconde one (Cynthia Qulited Satchel $425):

    See another worry of mine.... I deal with a lot of teenage kids at work - imagine I carry the same cherry Juicy Couture leather tote as another teenager... that would look SOO BADDD...

    Arrg I am so torn! I have always loved the Juicy Couture Fluffy tote (the first one) ! This one looks like I can put over the shoulder! But I have so many reservations! And I love love love quilted leather!
  4. I don't know how old you are...But i seriously believe, no bag is "too young" (I believe in old lady bags. ew). Its a conservative juicy.
  5. forgot to say...
    ----------->>>>BUY IT! if you change your mind u can always send it to washington state...:heart: :nuts:
  6. you say you`re in your mid-20`s? i think the juicy bag is totally appropriate! very cute.
  7. I think The Cynthia. Like Xtanne said , It's more conservative. Then if the teenagers see you carrying a Juicy they will still think you are cool and hip but not on their level by carrying a bag that they do.
  8. LOL... I am actually at the confusing age ... mid/late 20's... I rather consider myself younger than older LOL
  9. Too OLD in your mid-20s? Goodness gracious. I'm in my mid-40s, and I still carry whatever bag makes me happy. Go for it, sweetie!
  10. I'm in my late 20s, and I had a similar dilemma last weekend with buying a bag with a bunch of bees on it (Dooney). But I figured I can't have serious bags all the time. You know your work environment better than us, so if you don't think the bag is work appropriate, then carry it in the evenings and weekends. Personally, I don't think the Juicy is too "young" for you or anyone, it's just a black bag with some flare :smile:
  11. If you really love the Juicy bags, go for one of them!
  12. i like the first one.
  13. Well if it makes you feel any better I sat across from an extremely stylish & beautiful (classic beauty) woman on a plane last year flying to Aruba. She had a small yellow terry cloth juicy. I'm guessing she was just using it for the beach atmosphere, KWIM? but she looked FAB!

    Honestly, I kept staring at her. She probably thought I was a total WEIRDO!

    OH! Also she was probably in her fifties... but looked D*mn GOOD!
  14. I still think you are young enough to pull off juicy. They are nice looking bags. Go for it!
  15. Oh. My. God. In your mid-twenties and worrying if you're too old for a bag that you like? I'm w-a-y older than that, and I don't give a hoot. If I like something, I buy it. Period. I've seen young women older than you wearing Hello Kitty and Tokidoki. Certainly, the bags you've picked out are just fine.