Not toki related but just had to share....

  1. after 15 months my wonderful husband will finally be home from iraq in the next couple days. I will be MIA for a while so take care everyone !!
  2. Awww... ENJOY the time together! :graucho:
  3. I'm happy for both of you! Best wishes ^__^!
  4. Aww.. I'm so happy for you guys.. Have fun
  5. wow, 15 months is a long time...enjoy your time together!!!
  6. Enjoy your time together!
  7. Hi USArmyWife,

    really happy for you since 15mths is an awful long time!

    By the way, I've emailed you regarding your AS zucca that you posted some time ago and you have not replied. You must be too excited about your husband coming back!

    Anyway, treasure the precious time with your husband and I'll wait patiently for your reply! =)
  8. Wow, enjoy your time together!! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  9. aww yay!! :biggrin: enjoy your time together ... 15 months is def. a long time to be separated!
  10. OMG, so glad he's coming home safe!
  11. :yahoo:Yayyyyyy! That's great!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  12. Yay! I'm so happy for you both, I hope you enjoy the time together:yahoo:
  13. We're going to miss you! Enjoy your happy reunion!!
  14. That is great news, glad to hear it!!
  15. Hooray, enjoy your time together! I'm so happy for you guys that he's coming home after 15 months!! :queen::king: