Not thrilled with the Nordy Choco Shopper - Should I return it?

  1. I just got the Choco Shopper today from Nordy and to my surprise, I was not bowled over by it. It is a beautiful bag and very spacious which would suit my needs. But I am disappointed that I just didn't fall in love with it. I know this bag is hard to find so wonder if I should just keep it or return it? Has anyone had this dilemma?
  2. I have had that problem with a different bag (which is now one of my most favorite bags!!!). I really suggest that you just take a couple of days to get used to it and see if it grows on you. If it doesn't, then return it. You don't want to send it off to fast and have returner's remorse! Just make sure you know what the return policy is so you have plenty of time to think about it without any strings attached!
  3. Yes, I had the same dilemma with my large blanc pocket paddy. I held onto it for about 3 weeks debating if I should keep it or not, needless to say, it went back a few days ago (and I kept the choco tote, which I did :love: instantly fall in love with :lol:). But I did go through some ups and downs with it -- sometimes I loved it, sometimes it was too busy. Finally I went about 2 days in a row not crazy about it when I thought of it, so back it went.

    Maybe give it some time. It is a beautiful bag, but then again I am so partial to this particular style and color (especially) -- don't listen to me too much :P
  4. Post a picture! And if you can also take one with you holding it also we can give you our honest opinion!
  5. I would give it 3 days. If you're not digging it by then, then you probably won't ever. Some of my Chloe bags took me a few days to get "bowled" over. At first, I was definitely lukewarm about... then as I was getting to sell it, I was like "NO!! I can't do THAT!!!". So if you get that feeling, then you know it's a keeper!

    Good luck!! Post pics, btw, I still love to see other Chloe bags and I'm sure others do too.
  6. I agree. It wasn't love at first sight for me with my Kooba Sienna but now I love it :love: Give it a few days then decide.
  7. My first reaction was "return"...then I read more posts and thought about my navy Ramona...I thought seriously about selling her for a day or two, but am now looking forward to using her for the first time...

    That being said, if I do not use/love a bag within 7-10 days, it is typically a "mistake", "miscalculation", and/or not "needed"...there are so many fun bags out there...
  8. We'll be able to help you better if you post pics! ;)

    Sometimes when we have such high expectations it's almost impossible NOT to be disappointed when the bag arrives. So yes I think you need to give it a few days and if there is no 'yeah, alright!' moment then it needs to go back.
  9. I had exact the same thing with my paddy. I was just wandering around it the whole afternoon and when I finally cut the tag off I felt relieved because I couldn't return it anymore. After I carried her once I was hooked. I love her more than any of my bags and I would love to have more paddies in a different colour but I'm not the same bag in different colour person.
  10. I'm loving the choco shopper (mammab's pics of hers sold me on it :biggrin:), and Nordy has very lenient return policy, so if you don't love it yet, maybe you should keep it for a few days, carry it around the house, etc. If after then you don't love it, return it. At least that way you won't get return remorse... Good luck on your decision!! It's a GORGEOUS bag btw
  11. I'd give it a few days like everyone's suggesting. I have a "designated" corner in my room where I keep my new purchases in a dust bag. If I find myself ignoring the bag, not wanting to take it out of the dust bag, etc. and a few days go by--it's a sign to return the bag. But if I look in the corner, smile or go take out the bag to "play" with it, etc. then it's a keeper!
  12. I thought (after seeing Mammab's gorgeous pics) that I would love the chocolate shopper. As it turned out, I return all of my Paddington bags...the satchel, the pocket, and the shopper. I kept my Edith. So if you don't love it in a day or two, don't keep it just because it's hard to find.
  13. Hey I received an older season Chloe chocolate shoulder bag from Bluefly today and it was so fugly it wasn't out of the bag/box more than 90 seconds before I crammed it back in and slapped the return label on. Not even worthy of posting pics less it nauseate us all :sick: And I'm not one to easily let go.

    If you didn't have THAT kind of reaction, there may be a chance the bag will grow on you. You did say it was beautiful and met your needs :idea: :love: But $1910 buys a lot of bag. Keep us updated!
  14. Thank you for all the great feedback. I will borrow a digicam to take some pics and post it (don't have one if you can believe it). I'm still on the fence with it.
  15. Like what everyone has said, try bringing the bag out for a few days. ^___^ But don't force yourself to like it if you really don't.