Not thrilled with LMB results

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  1. So I have cleaned my handles three times now with both the sponge and the microfiber cloth. Overall the handles did clean and lighten but the set in grime is set in. This is a less than one year old bag that I have been very careful with. I'm a bit disappointed as I'd hoped this kit would have worked better , simply due to the age of the bag. I'm also disappointed that an $800 bag's leather can acquire dirt like this, again, when its been babied. My aunt has a 1980's speedy and abused the crap outta it and its deeply patina'd but has no black dirt like mine. Anyone have any suggestions?


    Before ^^


    Same handle after ^^^


    Right handle done x2 with cleanser, left not touched


    Both after x3 cleaning
  2. I think it looks much better!
  3. Plus 1
  4. It does look much better than before IMO but the cleaning takes some time to get off dirt/grime. I've heard several times cleaning would make it lighter each time over time. Don't be too discouraged because you can definitely tell the difference from before.
  5. i think it looks awesome, real impressed!!
  6. I agree, your results are really good. You might want to see what you are doing to cause the vachetta to get so dark. If you use lots of hand lotion & sanitizer it can prematurely darkened the vachetta. Besides cleaning the only other option is to pay to have the handles replaced. HTH.
  7. +1 :smile:
  8. +1:smile:
  9. +1:smile:
  10. +1

    It looks great :smile:
  11. It looks great! Huge improvement!!
  12. Definitely a great improvement. Enjoy ur bag!
  13. Ummmm it looks nice! I don't think you should expect it to look pristine and spotless. You have a lovely bag dear! :flowers:

  14. Have you tried using the cleanser with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser instead of a microfiber cloth? I did this with my Cabas Piano, and it was seriously miraculous. Just slightly wet the magic eraser, wring it out, then place a little cleanser on the bag and rub it with the magic eraser. You will notice a huge difference! Mine removed dirt, water stains and pen.
  15. op what are you not happy with ? I'm confused . It looks great IMO