Not That Impressed with Bulga

  1. I ordered the Bulga medium studded hobo in satin blue from BagShop. BagShop was great, but I'm just not that impressed with the bag. There is an obvious stitching flaw where the stitching goes off the body of the bag onto the strap, there seem to be variations in color (perhaps this was a display bag and was faded?), there are a few stray threads and the lining isn't silky like I had anticipated. The online photos also made this bag seem a deeper color than it is IRL.

    I'll try to get some pictures, but I think I am sending it back. The size and shape is perfect and I really like the style, but I just wonder if the next one they sent would be of better quality or have more flaws like this one. I'm not sure I want to risk it. The leather is beautifully soft and the bag is quite light, but that isn't enough to offset the problems.

    I know that $330 isn't a lot for many people, but I figured it was enough to expect straight stitching and no loose threads!
  2. You should definitely return the bag if you arent 100% happy with it !!!
  3. I would return it, myself.
  4. I have seen this with bulga bags.The leather feels beautiful and I love the styles.but I have noticed the stitching problems too. Also I had one that had tiny almost like holes here and there and uneven color in the leather.
  5. Send that sucker back. You deserve to be 100% satisfied.
  6. If it were me I would be disappointed if it wasn't darn near close to perfect. Yes, that is a goodly amount of money for a handbag...for me, too.
  7. Sorry to hear that! I am surprised as I have two Bulgas and they couldn't be nicer. The stitching and leather are beautiful on both my tote and my pudding flap bag. One I have in the aqua and one in teal. Ask for a different one, and see if it's better.:yes: