Not that I'll probably be able to find this bag...but how versatile do you think this


Jul 3, 2007
color bag is? What colors can it be worn with? I like to get my $$'s use out of bags, and even though the color draws me in, i'm unsure how much I would reach for it. Also, is this still avaliable ANYWHERE? Thanks!



post-holiday diet!!
Nov 10, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
this was from resort 07 wasnt it or was it spring 07??

there were so many cute colors that came out along with the blue, i just wish i had seen all of them IRL
i was fortunate to see the yellow, and it was beautiful.

as for versatility, for me its versatile enough because i wear a lot of whites and blues.. but i guess it depends on your personal style, and i like bright colors