Not that I need another one but anyone hear of this scarf?

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  1. Boite Au Vol? Flossy sent me a lovely little "extra" in my package with Lilac agenda and it's a teeny-tiny scarf booklet and naturally while I was going through it I fell madly in :heart: with this scarf. Probably just my luck it's yet another item that I'll only be able to find in...oh, say....Osaka!!!!!
  2. Do you have a pic? I'm curious.
  3. Let me finish my coffee and I'll post'll love it, LaVan. Very, very Hermes IMO. Well, it actually SAYS Hermes on BIG letters too!
  4. Here's the pic.....
  5. I don't think I've seen this before, it's lovely though, I like the orange one, but I can't understand the pic, is the scarf triangular ? or is it just folded in two ? Dum question I'm sure...:blink:
  6. I don't know what the triangle one is either....I think what I'm attracted to are the colors and the bold design on this scarf 'cause I really don't need to advertise Hermes any more than I already do on a daily basis!:blink: I already feel like a billboard as it is!!!! :shocked:

    Kelly, agenda, scarf, belt.....all together on one body each day???? Hey, I should get paid by there's a thought!:yes:
  7. Hi Shopmom!

    I received thay scarf catalogue a few months back (I can't believe we actually got something here before the Northern Hemisphere!! We're usually a season behind!), and my local boutique had these in their window display for a while - they are triangle-shaped (well, the ones I saw were), and divine! I wish I could wear my scarves like the pic, but I end up looking like a pirate, not gorgeous like the model:roflmfao: .

    I'm quite into the more 'modern' designs they seem to be doing lately - I love in that catalogue (I think it's the same one) they have re-done the traditional 'Brides de Gala' scarf - all chopped up and bright - gorgeous!!

    I think you should indulge!!!!!
  8. Kristie....I just bought that Brides de Gala scarf you're talking about in the most gorgeous blues and creamy white colors. I LOVE it! It's called En desordre (sp?) I think because it's all chopped up and very modern looking.
  9. I know this is a crazy request, but I do not get to see any pics of scarves...just the same old ones on the website. Can any of you post some pics of some great scarves? I love more of the the bold and modern ones...not so much the extremely feminine ones. I would love to be able to see some. (OR, where can I go and look?)

    By the way, I love the orange one above as well.
  10. Oh, this is a great idea! I now have four and I'd love to post them...the only place I ever get to see lots of scarves is (dare I say it) on eBay. LZ also has lots of scarves too and every once in a while I log onto their scarf site just to drool....
  11. Posting pictures of scarves is a great idea!
  12. If you like bold and modern, you'll probably like my pink Tohu Bohu! I'll try to take a good pic of it. :smile:
  13. Shopmom - Very interesting scarves and I like the orange version.

    I've also seen some triangular scarves and you can put them on your head or around your neck ... though it looks a bit odd on the neck.

    Kelly - Like Greentea, I also have the Tohu Bohu in orange mixed with bold colors. Here's a picture.

    orange_scarf.jpg scarf_ring.jpg
  14. I look at eBay a lot for scarves (but don't but many 'cos of authenticity issues!) and you might also try to feast your eyes. :graucho:
  15. Shopmpm - I LOVEEEEEE that scarf!!! I bought from the same catalogue the scarf with the seashell necklaces on it (can't remember the name) in the pale green (I'm a bit of a green fan!) - the one in the big I didn't get the Brides de Gala one - but oooohhhh I love it!! They only had red and white available when I went in, but they were getting more - what colour did you get?

    As soon as I learn to do pictures, I'd love to post some of my scarves on here - most of mine have a "fish" or "sea" theme to them...! I seem to have a thing for fish!!!!! Ha!
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