Not that I can afford it right now but...

  1. Is there any way to still get the green and petrol spy bags from Fendi? I hate going through ebay for most things and would prefer to get them from the boutique. I love these two colors...they are simply stunning!! This forum has turned me into a beast!! :smile:
  2. I feel ya! This site is the devil - LMAO! The green spy bag will be impossible to find, but I believe you can still find a Petrol at a Fendi boutique or even Saks. Try giving them a call...
  3. I had never even seen the green spy before I found this site and now I can't stop staring at it...there's something about that green bag that I love!!! Fendi should reissue the bag..that way I could get my hands on it.
  4. I love the green spy - it's an amazing color!!!!
  5. I'm quite sure that you can get NEITHER from any Fendi boutique right now, unless it is a return (and they allowed it after several months).
  6. I saw a Petrol Baby Spy at the Fendi boutique in NYC a few weeks ago. I don't think you are going to find either the Green or the Petrol in the regular size at Fendi. Those bags are long gone. You could possibly stumble upon one at Saks or Bergdorf, or another large retailer, and in that case the bag would most likely be a return. Such a find would be a stroke of great luck and timing.