Not that I am sick or anything but ...

  1. my cousin wants me to 'will' all my Chanel bags to her!! Rather up front request, don't you think? I am only 41, hopefully have a lot of years left and I always figured if I had a girl someday, she would get all of my Chanels ...

    They truly are investments - that is the only reason DH lets me indulge even with a purse ban!!
  2. Interesting...and a good question, where would our bags go when we are gone????
  3. If someone wants them... then I think you should put it in your will! :lol: Tell your cousin that your will is subject to change, if you have children of your own.

    I only have boys and have no idea what to do with my special Cartier, Tiffany and Chanel items. I know for certain my boys would not care in the least about these things. I wish I knew someone who would love and cherish my stuff, as I do...
  4. Maybe we can work something out together? :graucho: :p
  5. Hmm, I agree with Jayne1 with the conditional will.

    I only have a boy, so my Chanels are going to my nieces. Hmm, maybe that should be stated in my will. Hmmm.
  6. I've thought about this as well. I have one son, 19; 6 count them 6 nephews. WTH is that?? I so wanted a girl that I contemplated dressing my son as a girl. My Chanel collection which continues to swell with each passing year, along with never-touched-the-pavement Maud Frizon shoes -- will end up at Goodwill. I'd hate to think some "trailer campette" walking into Goodwill and buying my Chanel. Fate worse than death itself!!

    By all means the conditional clause in your will. She has a lot of sucking up to do, so work it!!
  7. That's relatives always ask me for hand-me-downs!
  8. That is so funny. I have two girls and when they say "mommy! Another bag" I jokingly tell them it will be thiers one day.

    Really though, I have already thought of it and feel less guilty spurging on my bags knowing that I can pass them on to my daughters and they will have these AMAZING vintage Chanel bags!
  9. jmen - I actually did this to my son! While DH was away on a business trip overseas, my sister and I dressed my then 6 month old son in his cousin's pink dress and took pics. He looked absolutely adorable! But DH and my in-laws weren't amused. :shrugs:

    So I'm no longer allowed to give him "girly things" so my nieces will inherit all my Chanels.
  10. LMAO..Jillybean is constantly telling me to will her my bags when I die..HEEHEE.....Im afraid to..I may have to watch my back...ROFLMAO
  11. hmmm..i don't have a lot of Chanel's right now, but I do have a bag collection of different designer labels... I still don't have a girl yet, but just in case I don't get blessed with one I have thought of giving it to my future Daugther-in-Law ..does that sound good? errrr.... :shrugs:
  12. i have no kids, so my will distributes my Chanels to my sister, mom, and good girlfriends. However, since I have acquired NINE new Chanels since i did my will about 18 months ago, must update it..............don't know what i am going to do about my Chanel shoes, Guccis, Manolos, since i don't know anyone who wears my size...they all wear bigger sizes and a couple (a girlfriend and my sis) wear smaller................the one friend i have who does wear my size couldnt care less about designer items and can't wear any high heel other than a wedge...............

    oh dear....
  13. wow...really upfront request. maybe you two can work something out!
  14. I have a little girl (almost 5) and she always says "when I am big can I borrow your shoes and bags?" . . it is fun to know that I have someone who hopefully will enjoy them years from now (but as long as my creaky old body can haul them down off the shelf those bags are getting carted around by ME :p )

  15. I have a girl (20 years old)......SHE dresses like a boy. Her idea of "designer" are her Vans shoes.

    Where DID I go wrong?! :hysteric: :crybaby: