Not THAT exciting, but I just ordered Shining Monkey!

  1. Yay!!! LOL

    Does anyone have any tips for application?

    I am planning on treating my mono speedy 35 and (if I decide to get it) a damier azur speedy 30.

  2. severla LIGHT applications. let it dry 10-15min between applications and you should be fine.

    be sure to wipe down the canvas and any brass/hardware to get the film off.
  3. thanks:smile:
  4. I love the stuff!!! I treated my Stephen and it worked beautifully. As suggested...I applyed several light applications and it looks great!!! Good luck!
  5. well, congrats...I think you'll be glad you did it
  6. LOL Me too...maybe now I will start using my vachetta bags more!!

  7. How are you enjoying that bag ?
  8. I applied about four heavy coats one right after the other, and then I wiped it off the hardware and canvas. Dried in a heartbeat, no marks, and it's worked well.
  9. Is this it?
    [​IMG]D-Spec fabric/leather protector
  10. Yup I ordered it via Amazon:smile:
  11. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's cheaper at their site
    and you can get 10% discount if you use this code (FUJIZ) not sure if it works,
    just got it somewhere in the net while researching for the stuff.:flowers:
  12. Oh, man!! Too late:sad:

    Thanks for the info though:smile: