Not taking one of my kids on vacation...

  1. Hey guys!!

    Well, I am finally finished planning our family's vacation back home to Southern California (yay!!!) in June and I had a quick question to ask you guys. I have 2 small boys, one is 2 and the other is gonna be a 1 in March. We were just planning on taking my soon to be 3 year old because he finally likes to be out and I think he would enjoy Disneyland (he understands what's going on around him now...)but we arent planning on taking my 1 year old. (We're gonna leave him in the care of my mother in law and my mother.) They are VERY happy to look after him while we take our very much needed 5 day vacation with our 3 year old. (We are not taking our youngest because he's so small and we would NEVER be able to get anything done with both of them at this age.)Now that I am done planning I'm starting to feel like a bad mom because we're taking one child and not the other. What do you guys think? What would you do in my situation?
  2. I don't see anything wrong with it, for the reasons you stated.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with it either! Your kid is too young to enjoy travel. Just relax and have fun on your vacation :yes:.
  4. Thanks guys! That makes me feel alot better! :biggrin:
  5. Nothing wrong, no guilt needed and the grandmothers will love their time with him and he will love being spoiled to death, enjoy your trip!
  6. I guess I am the odd one out! I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old and one on the way. TO me a family vacation is just that- a family vacation. I would not feel right leaving 1 child behind. Here are a handful of reasons why! When we go on family vacations we are picture freaks. I would hate to have pictures taken with a missing child! Regardless if the child is old enough to remember the vacation, the older child might remember their sibling NOT being there. Also, I would miss the other kids to much and worry to much if I left one behind!
    Just MY humble opinion!
  7. You shouldn't feel bad. Like what Stephanie mentioned, at that age, he wouldn't enjoy the travel plus I doubt he'll be remembering anything from disneyland. You can always take him along if he's already at the right age :yes:
  8. OMG do NOT feel guilty about this! I have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old and I know how you feel. We've been on several family trips and a lot of the time, we leave our youngest with a sitter. The rationale is that at 1 1/2 years of age and younger, they have NO idea what's going on around them and such trips are just LOST on them! Plus, they dampen everyone else's fun because of their higher maintenance needs. Our next trip is to a wedding in Milwaukee and since our 2 year old is still reeeeally hard to travel with, we're leaving her at home with daddy, so it'll just be a mother-son trip. Yes there's always that pang of guilt which is normal, but don't fret over it. You're doing the right thing for everyone!
  9. I am probably the odd ball out here but I couldnt do it. You may feel ok with it now...but when you are in disney world....and see another mother put her 1 year old or another 2 year old on a ride or fawning over Mickey ... You are going to feel quilty and bad. I know I would. I do agree that they NEVER remember the trips when they get older..thats just how it is but as a mother, I couldnt do it. Also what are you going to tell them ten years from now when they look at photo albums and they ask why they didnt get to go???? Kids are always have to look ahead.
  10. I wouldn't feel bad you have your reasons and they make sense. As far as Disneyland it's a good decision because I feel bad when I take my god children and niece and the youngest one that's two has to sit with me watching because she isn't tall enough to go on most of the rides.
  11. I personally could not leave one of my kids home but it is more of a trust issue where I felt there was nobody who could babysit for me and respect my wishes. I think at one year it is hit or miss, some babies are active and will enjoy being out while others really like being on a schedule. I think the change can bring stress to a one year old. It sounds like your baby will be in good hands and grandmas will spoil him with love so I say go and have fun and there is no reason to feel guilty. This is a big trip and not just a little weekend thing so I think the baby will feel better in his surroundings and I think both Moms will really cherish the time they get to spend with him.
    When my husband went on a business trip to Chicago during 9/11 my mother stayed with me for over a week. It was so much fun seeing her with the kids. It was the first time she really got to spend all day just hanging out and reading stories at night to them. I also think your older son might enjoy some one on one time with you and your husband. I am sure the new baby is a joy but it does bring a lot of change to the first child and I think he will really feel special doing fun things with Mom and Dad.
  12. Taking a 1-yr old with you on vacation is asking for trouble, especially travelling far to get there (airplane rides and etc.). Like many others already said, the 1-yr old will dampen everyone's fun because of the high maintenance and any unexpected accidents/mishaps. Besides, how much can the 1-yr old enjoy the trip? What if he/she gets sick (likely case surrounded by so many people)? He/she is better off being pampered at home by grandparents. You are a wise and caring mom for doing EVERYONE a favor by leaving the baby with the grandparents.

    Don't worry, in about a year or two, the little one can join the rest of the family at Disney.

    Please also give a break to those plane riders to and from Texas. No screaming and crying babies, please.
  13. My son's first visit to Disneyworld was just before he was two. Honestly that was one of his best trips and the one I have the fondest memories of. But, he was able to walk and was off of the bottle and stuff, so there weren't any of those things to worry about.

    Disneyland is a lot more crowded and there is a lot less space there, I think that if you feel secure leaving your youngest at home with grandparents then you should enjoy one of your last possible vacations with just one kid. Besides, it will give your oldest an opportunity to be by himself with his parents. Just don't wait too long to take the youngest back to CA or he will never let you forget it when he is older! :s
  14. The 1 year old is too young for long plane trips and they probably won't understand Disneyland.

    If the child were older, I wouldn't recommend leaving one child and taking the other.

    I was about four at the time and my mother went to Canada, and brought my younger brother with her and not me. My mother tells me I was deeply hurt and mad at her for leaving me.

    My point is: If the child is old enough to remember and understand you leaving them, it's not a good idea to leave one and take the other.

    Your child is one, and so that doesn't seem like a problem.
  15. You have to do what is good for you and the rest of your family. There really is nothing wrong though, your baby will get showered with attention from your mother-in-law (she will have some fun too) and your older child will have your undivided attention for a bit. Plus your 1 year old will never remember this!! Have fun!