Not sure which color Bow Satchel to buy, help!!

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  1. This is my first post here! I love this site!

    I have an Allumino on hold, and a rust (cognac) on hold. I'm not sure which to buy!
    I'm leaning towards grey as I have about 5 brown bags (the miu miu patch tote, 2 mulberry bags, a gucci and another miu miu one from a few years back).
    The Miu Miu store in NYC also has the aqua, camel (sughero), mugetto (pink), white and black in stock, FYI!

    Please help me decide. My concern with the grey, will it get dirty easily? I heard that denim can discolor it (when you sling it across or it rubs against my jeans?).

    I had a marc jacobs bag that did that and it was ruined.
    I'm hesitant about the grey in that regard.
    Also, does grey go with everything? Looks chic with neutrals and soft colors...

    HELP! :smile:
  2. ooo thats a tough choice, I love both gray and brown purses- esp. the bow satchel in those two colors!

    is there a picture of the rust/cognac one?
  3. i love the allumino! you're so lucky that you were able to find one!
  4. Allumino for sure!
  5. Wait! Aqua bow??? I need to see this!
  6. i think it's the blue/green one. i called it turquoise but the SA in miu miu called it aqua. i think it's turquiose though...
    i went with the alluminio!

    will my jeans discolor it?
  7. get the allumino...i have it and its gorgeous!!

    also, i havent had any problems with my jeans discoloring it

    good luck with your decision!
  8. thanks for the advice! do you wear dark denim or light? i had a marc jacobs bag that it happened too and so i'm weary now! even the SA at Saks told me not to wear denim with this bag, but denim is my uniform! lol

    thanks! :smile:
  9. I have the bow in both ivory and pink. I don't dare to risk denim with the bows. No way. Unless I have VERY faded, well-worn jeans. The risk of denim transfer is too high.

    My regular leather guy told me NOT to wear denim with my bows either. The allumino is a very light grey. Why risk it?

    I'm willing to baby my bags hence I bought my bows in light colors. But if you are not, I would strongly recommend another color. Esp if you wear denim daily and don't want to worry about having to change your fashion style!

    The grey bow is very pretty but dark denim is a NO NO!
  10. thanks linaddy! well, i bought the alluminio, but maybe this is the excuse to buy a black or brown one too! hee hee

    i can wear the alluminio with black pants (that will be okay, right?) or white jeans...and maybe pick up some ultra light denim (which is hot this season)...

    did anyone treat their bows when they received them with some sort of protectant?
  11. Congrats on getting the bow!

    I would still be careful with black pants especially if they are in materials like cotton or linen. Just do a patch test with a light towel against your pants. I think miu2 talked about her light colored coffer getting color transfer from a blue sundress.

    I do pretreat my bows with a spray guard so that it'll be easier to remove stains (just in case)!

    Your bow is going to look really good with super faded jeans or white pants.
    Looks like you're in for more shopping! :tup:
  12. Hi, can I ask you what spray guard you used?
    I am hoping to not ruin this bag! (Have had MJ and Mulberry disasters in the past and it's heartbreaking after spending so much money on a bag to have it ruined!).

    I will test my black pants too, as they are stretch cotton...I will most likely just wear this with my light grey jeans, white and some new jeans that won't transfer...

    Thanks for your help!
    What is your opinion on the rust/cognac bow? I may buy one for fall...
    Or perhaps a black Coffer...I wasn't sure if the Coffer was timeless enough for me...?