Not sure whether to buy a Damier Neverfull or a Mulberry Bayswater

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  1. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a new bag and can't decide between the Neverfull or a Bayswater. I want a bag in which I can tote around everything my toddler needs!

    Which do you think will last better? I have two Epi Almas in red and black and an Epi Speedy in red, I also have a couple of Mulberry bags. But I'm in in the mood for something new!
  2. The LV Neverfull would be a lighter bag to deal with. Since you're on a LV forum... :smile: I saw a young mom with the Neverfull GM with her child. It looked great on her.
  3. I vote for NF - it's very nice bag
  4. I have a Bayswater and it does get quite heavy with the stuff I carry for my toddler. I love it, but for long days it gets tiring. So given those choices, my vote is for a NF.

    Have you looked at a Beaubourg? It has more organization and is quite cute - check it out in the "What's inside your LV?" thread.

  5. I got BOTH bags and i love them so much..

    Bayswater - Leather, flap over, a bit heavy but classic look..

    Neverfull - Canvass, OPEN, light weight, sagging and fun/ casual look..

    It's depends on you, if for me?? I NEED both of them.. :P
  6. Neverfull for sure
  7. Lv
  8. neverfull for sure!!!
  9. Neverfull! It's perfect to throw things in and out of and it's lightweight.
  10. Damier NF!! such a functional bag
  11. I would say Mulberry because I luv leather bag...BUT for your need, I think you should get the Damier NF! ;)
  12. Damier NF - a nice addition to diversify your collection too!
  13. neverfull for sure!!!!
  14. Definitely the NF :smile:
  15. Go with the Neverfull ;)