Jimmy Choo not sure where to put this...but do you think this Jimmy Choo is authentic?

Hi there... I know absolutely nothing about authenticating Choo handbags... so I am no help. However, did you notice the name plate is crooked on the inside? That kinda stood out to me...

Just wanted to mention that....

Good luck!~

At this price I would be very surprised if it were a genuine article. I bought one about 6 months ago, which claimed to be an authentic pre-owned item and which happens to be a lovely bag, but I doubt very much that mine is the real thing. I also paid a similar amount and it looks as if there are some quite good copies around. I actually went into a store to see the real things, which now retail for almost $2,000 and they are just fabulous. The key is in the softness of the leather. But I'm still very happy with the bag I bought and it does get lots of positive comments. Perhaps you'll be lucky with this bag. Good luck, if it's what you're looking for.
Looking at the available pictures, it's not a real choo ramona. There are several things that are off about the bag, including:
  • the crooked name plate;
  • the leather is much too smooth - the real ones have a little pebbling to the leather;
  • from the available picture, the inside pockets does not appear to have the requisite snap closure that is on the real ones. I would recommend you request additional photos from the seller.
I looked at the photos. That is absolutely 100% fake. I can just about guarantee it. Sorry. Better for you to know now.
Good luck finding an authentic bag you love.
Even though the bag is not authentic, I do have to say something about the interior nameplate. I purchased my Ramona from Neiman Marcus. I chose between two Khaki Ramonas that they had in stock - getting the one with the better leather quality and no scratches. When I got home, I noticed that the nameplate on the inside was crooked. So, although my bag is authentic and purchased at a reputable store, the nameplate placement was a bit crooked. I just wanted to say that since many of you pointed that out as a factor in your determination. Sometimes, little things like this do happen and should not automatically be discounted.