Not sure where to post this-NM Sales

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  1. sorry im not sure where this should be posted. I was wondering if people know when Neiman marcus will add more reductions on sale items. I am looking at some things but don't want to buy them if they will get marked down again. I have bought some things and the in the next couple of days they were marked down but i couldnt get a price adjustment since they were in last call.
  2. I believe that Last Call is as low as it goes before it hits the outlet.
  3. Yep. Last Call is the last markdown before everything being sent straight to outlet. To me, the sale there doesnt attract me at all. Barneys has the best sales in terms of price and selections and then Saks. Have u checked out any of those sale? Barneys warehouse in LA is starting nxt week too.
  4. Thanks so much for the answers. Is the Barneys sale just in la and not online? sorry im not sure. i have never shopped there before
  5. The sale section at NM online just had an additional reduction a few days ago. Their last call section is not their last markdown. Once in awhile they will have something along the lines of 'Take an Extra 25% off Last Call'. As for the best sale price, that will depend on where you live as well. I prefer NM over Saks because they include Canada in all of their promotions, while Saks does not. I also prefer NM selection over the others... just personal preference. Hope this helps!
  6. Cool thanks so much. i jsut didnt want to buy stuff and then it gets marked down more:sad: