Not sure where to post this, but-

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  1. Does anyone know if the large or jumbo black caviar classic flap sells better on eBay? I was going to post in the eBay section, but this is more Chanel specific, so I wasn't sure. Sorry if I'm in the incorrect place Mods!
  2. I would probably say the jumbo, just because it costs more to begin with and was more affected by the price increase.

    It also depends on the condition of the bag you're selling. Obviously, a really beat up jumbo won't sell for as much as a large flap in pristine condition. :yes:
  3. Good point about the condition, I forgot to mention that. I have both, new with tags, and I'm only keeping one. Just wondering which might sell for the most (taking the price difference into account).
  4. IMO, I'd still say the jumbo would sell for more. That's just my opinion though. Personally though, if you're only keeping one I'd KEEP the jumbo and sell the med/lrg if I had no concern about resale value.
  5. Thanks for your response. I thought the jumbo would sell better, since (almost) everyone here seems to prefer it to the large. Personally, I like the large size better, so this is good news for me. Bye-bye jumbo!
  6. Yep! Do what feels right for YOU. It just works out better for you since like the large anyhow haha. Good luck with your sale!!!