Not sure where to post but I just need to vent 'cause I'm frustrated...

  1. So I ordered a kiss and makeup from the leftover LA sample sale. I sent out an email to make sure what the shipping charge was. I received a response that it was included since I am in the States. So I put my order in and I received my confirmation receipt shortly after that. There were talks in the forum about the different shipping information...some were told it was included and some were told it wasn't. So I thougt to myself cool "I got shipping included" I'm not trying to make a big stink out of the whole situation but I think it's a little frustrating when you get an email nearly a week later saying they "neglected" to charge you for shipping when you were clearly told that it was included. I know it's only $10 for shipping (since my order was small) but this is just not the way to do business.

    Don't get me wrong I love RM a lot but this is a little wrong in my eyes. This is obviously not going to change my love for their product but so far I'm not impressed with the customer service I'm receiving.
  2. ^This happened to me too. I thought long and hard about it and decided to bite my tongue, since I had a different and more pressing issue from the SS, that I needed to address.