Not sure what to get in Dubai!Help me out!!

  1. hi everyone..
    so im on a holiday in dubai right now and wanted to check out if there was sale on bbags in any luck..there was some of the suede gunmetal combo at harvey nicks but its gone...
    so i went to the baenciaga store and saw a beautiful smooshy violet weekender..
    i so wanted a dream bag!
    but am not sure if i should wait for fluerescent yellow!
    i put the bag on hold to get some time to decide but im still so unsure!!
    heeeeelp :smile:
    what would u do
  2. Wait for the bag you REALLY want. :yes:
  3. i agree with drati
    if you really like the violet and you don't mind that the prices of bbags in Dubai are slightly above retail then get it .. i think you should wait for the yellow .. WEs are not popular here in Dubai .. i was even told they're not getting them this spring dunno if its true though .. so if you still want the violet after a month you'd probably still find it here .. good luck!
  4. Wait for Yellow since it sounds like the colour you truly desire/lust after!!!
  5. I think violet would be gorgeous in a weekender and that would be my personal choice, but if you've been pining away after a yellow then wait ! :yes:
  6. oh and lucky girl vacationing in Dubai !! it's 2am and i'm still *ahem* to study for my 9am exam :crybaby:
    enjoy your trip !!
  7. it depends on how much th WE is in dubai.... prolly more expensive isnt it?
  8. Hi Oula take the purple weekender, the leather is so great. I do have a womens besace with silver giant hardware in purple. And the leather is so wrinkly and soft i do love it.
    I dont care that everybody is looking or lately some sa-boy came runnning to me with the question if he could feel and touch my B-Bag.
    I wish i was there with U in sunny Dubai.
    Love and Hugs FX:heart:
  9. I'm too practical and overly concerned about how wearable a lighter color would be in a bit bag, so I'd go for a Violet. You also have a very nice yellow in your collection already, but no purples, right?
  10. i would definitely go for it.. violet would be a better color for the weekender IMO because it won't get as dirty as the yellow.. but you could always get something else in yellow :graucho:
  11. I agree w/ SLinks and Galex.. get the weekender in Violet.. as the leather is gorgeous on most violets & the color is darker. Therefore traveling with it, there would be less chances of getting it dirty.. and when the yellow comes out.. treat yourself to a first or city~! Plus you'd be able to bring something back from Dubai as a keepsake...:graucho: Just my 2 cents.. hope that helped a little.. ;)
  12. I'm insane about the violet color. I can't get enough of it. So of course I'm going to recommend the violet weekender. I would get the yellow in a different style. I also agree with everyone else that you should get the weekender in a darker color as it will probably get tossed around a bit. They yellow will probably get dirty.
  13. Yup, I second the Violet...the color is really gorgeous!!:tup: Hmm, what else do they have there? :sneaky:
  14. I'll go for the Violet WE, it sounds absolutely divine!
  15. personally I'd go for the violet- especially if the leather is TDF. But I'm also not crazy about yellow- esp. flourescent yellow. It doesn't sound appealing to me. I say go for the violet weekender ,and get the yellow in a smaller size bag- the yellow might be too much in a large size like the weekender. But ultimately, you have to love what you get!