not sure what to do

  1. i just received a marc jacobs toaster bag. in the description, she didn't mention that it has a missing rivet which in turn has made some threads loose (the missing rivet is at the base of the handle). i looked back at the pictures and she clearly was strategic in how she took them--making sure it wasn't noticable.
    i love this bag--but obviously it needs repairs!
    has anyone encountered a similar situation?
    do i take it for an estimate and let her know how much she owes me?!?!
    i want this i just leave negative feedback (she has 100% + ) and suck it up?

    here's the link
  2. Well you have some choices. I think first contact the seller and say that the bag has a missing rivet and is flawed, send pictures and say that it is not as described. Wait for her response. Either she will take it back and give you a refund, or maybe offer some discount or she may tell you "too bad". If the later then you have the choice of sucking it up or filing a SNAD (significantly not as described) through eBay. Whichever make sure you send all correspondence through the eBay notification system about the item and keep a record of any communication.

    eta you can get a quote for fixing the bag but if you go ahead and do it don't expect the seller to reimburse you unless she agreed to it beforehand.
  3. Also - she doesn't take Paypal, how did you pay??
  4. She has 100% feedback, so I am SURE she would want to work with you on resolving the matter.

    I think a good first step would be exactly what KayMom said. Ask for a partial refund if you think it is worth your time for it to be fixed. If that's denied, and you feel adamant about it, ask to return the bag for a refund.

    After looking at those pictures, I can definitely see what you mean about "strategic photos". Ridiculous!!!! Open up a line of communication IMMEDIATELY.
  5. she uses google checkout---something new to me!

    thanks for your suggestions. i'm taking pics right now!
  6. She did not stated but it's on the pictures (picture #6) She did used the handles to cover the missing rivet in most on them but I guess it slips in this one. I'm not sure if you can still fill a claim. Did you contacted the seller already?
  7. She slipped up on photo #6.... so it WAS shown... but definitely not DESCRIBED... You might not be in such a good position as originally thought...

  8. Haha Genie you noticed it quicker :smile: good eye!
  9. If I were in your spot, I'd just pay to fix it. It's a gorgeous bag, and you snagged a good deal. You might leave a positive but mention the undescribed flaw.
  10. Yes is a very pretty bag. I can't believe this seller let 220186158518 go for only $150. email her to see if she agree with a partial refund.
  11. Yeah you are right - but picture 2 is pretty sneaky of her!!! It must have taken a while to arrange those straps just so....

    Just pop her an email and see what her response is.
  12. ok...i think i'll email her and ask for a partial refund. i think i'll hold off on leaving feedback until after i correspond with her.
    i really love this bag--it's really a beauty and in pristine condition, except for the missing rivet. the inside is so clean it seems she hardly carried it! probably b/c it had a missing rivet!!!!

    thanks again.
  13. she offered me a FIVE DOLLAR refund?!?! claiming i got a good deal. which i did, but that's not the point.
    5 bucks?
  14. ouch. that's a slap in the face.
  15. Are you still covered by anything if you go through google?