Not sure what to do!

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  1. I sold a ring on ebay, with a warranty.

    I stated in my listing that it can be resized free and also that it's a valid warranty.

    My boyfriend worked in the store I bought this from, so I know the rules myself. Last month I had to get a diamond replaced in the ring, and since I had the warranty got it free.

    She wants a full refund because she apparently went into the store and they said she'd have to pay £30 for a resizing, and also that the warranty isn't valid without a receipt.

    The warranty does state that but I know that the warranty is still valid, as they photocopy the receipt onto the warranty.

    I am so angry right now, she has called me a liar and a cheat, and wants a refund + the cost of the ring back to me. I am willing to give her a refund minus my shipping fees, but will not pay hers.

    Am I out of order? :s
  2. Can you call the store to verify that they even went in? Maybe they are lying and they didn't go to the store. Can you ask her who the salesperson was?
  3. She is willing to pay for the shipping to send it back instead of paying $30 for resizing? I smell buyer remorse here. If it were me, I would refund her the ring only but not shipping. You didn't do anything wrong here.

    I am so sorry this happened to you.
  4. I said I can get a letter from the manager at the store (chain store) and send it to her, otherwise i will refund her :S
  5. Yes, I was thinking too as what lorihmatthews suggested, call the store to verify. Most of the rings are sold As-Is. It is buyer's cost to resize it. You are very nice to offer the warrnty. The buyer should not take advantage on you.
  6. What a pain in the butt! Just let her know you will contact the store on her behalf and rectify any problems as soon as you can
  7. Has she said anything yet ?
  8. Nothing yet, waiting for her response
  9. Hello again Katie,
    A letter from the store manager might work, and I would appreciate you sending it to me as a matter of urgency. I hope that it was not just a favour for your boyfriend! If this does not produce the promised results, I would not be happy to send the ring back unless my total payment was covered. I paid £4 for p&p and the postage was £1.09, which makes the envelope at £2.91 very expensive. I would pay for recorded delivery to send it back to you, putting me out of pocket enough Looking forward to hearing from you ...

    She's so rude. I thought it would cost £4 to send a first class recorded delivery item, which she claims I didn't send recorded. Which is utter BS because I have the slip from the PO, with tracking number.
    I am so effing mad right now. Here is my response.

    If you didn't like the postage costs, you shouldn't have bid on the item. With all your feedback, I thought you would realise that you are entering a contract when you bid, and that you agree to those terms.

    In regards to you believing that I am a liar and my boyfriend is doing this as a "favour", I assure you that he isn't as he no longer works for the store, as stated in my previous message.

    I am currently doing college exams so am unable to go to the store until sometime next week, and then I am unsure of how long it will take for the letter to arrive.

    Dunno what else to say.

    I'm half tempted to just give her the refund to get her to go away.

  10. May I ask how much the ring sold for? Did she get a bargain?
  11. Yeah she did, she bought it for £20. RRP: £100, SIB, with warranty
  12. What a pain!!!
  13. I haven't responded to her yet, what should I do?
  14. Did you not send the reply you posted above?
  15. No, I wanted to see if that was a bit too harsh, or whether I hsould just give her the refund