Not sure what this is but it is kinda neat.

  1. that's a cool little bag, but i think the price is waaaaaaaaaay too high :Push:
  2. I don't think I would call it rare. It's called the Aumoniere, Aloha Rag has them in blue, emerald and ink according to their website. I also saw a few at NM a few weeks ago. Not sure what the retail price is.
  3. yep- I was just about to say that I saw some at AR this week.. they've been there for months.
  4. Her prices are way too high, and why she offers make an offer is beyond me when she rarely accepts it if its more than $20 lowerthan the BIN price. I dont even get excited when I see her stuff anymore, I just move on...
  5. Ditto. I get excited until I see she's the seller, cause she'll never accept my offers and her prices are getting too high. This, and the shoulder she has, are $300 above retail. I think this is available at XOChrissie's NM.

  6. yikes. she's outta her mind.
  7. Yeah, Ditto on ALoha RAgssince I just corresponded with an SA today.

    She does sell authentic bags, but it seems like a lot of people return them too :hrmm: