not sure what line to pick????


Mar 30, 2009
Adelaide Australia
ive decided my next purchase will be a zippy coin purse, but im so undecided about what line to get it in. Mono, Azur, MC or Vernis???? im not too fussed about it matching a specific bag, i have mono and MC bags. i like azur, but i like the obviousness of mono/MC. i dont have any azur or vernis, so do i go for different or stick with classic? i also dont know if vernis would get scratched with other things in bag (eg keys)

cheeky iz

chic LV
Apr 8, 2009
have you considered the epi in cassis....its gorgeous and goes well with any line of bags.
Jul 15, 2007
I was in the same situation a week ago. I have mono bags, and damier bags.

I could not make my mind up, wether to buy the zippy in mono, ore in azur, I dont like the matching thin either.

I went to the store. and I took one look at Zippy coin purse in vernis, colour: rosepop. That was the right choice for me. i just looooove it........ the best wallet ever..... so pretty, an so usefull

Hope this help a little