not sure what I want during PCE!

  1. I don't know if its becuase I had a spill this week that rattled my head or that I genuinely don't know what to go for, maybe its because I wasn't completely dazzled by this month's line? But I gotta get some stuff during this event! but anyone else feeling this way?
  2. I know comic book key fob and gladiator shoes

    and then thinking about canvas striped cosmetic case...

    but I haven't seen any of these in person!
  3. I was feeling like this too until my mom said "Oh, I like this...".
    I'm so indecisive, which makes it harder to downsize my list. :sad:
    No Legacy items or Fragrance print items you like?

    Btw. Love your Epi Agenda!
  4. well fragrance wont count with PCE...

    i wasnt wowed either with this line so i got sunglasses and pony tail scarves AND they gave me the card back to just sit on and figure out what i now i am in the same boat and not sure what i want exactly (maybe some red flats...or the turquiose ones...)

    so basically aarti i know how you feel. i wanted to at least have something from the scribble line so i opted for the pony tail scarf because i can wear it and not feel too "young" but the dot scarf is cute too! i have way too much makeup so the small cosmetic cases just dont appeal to me BUT i love the sig stripe in blue!
  5. I drove to phx today to check out the selection (we have a legacy store there) & wasn't really thrilled w/ anything. I'm thinking maybe a pond wristlet & some scarves? I dunno, I didn't fall in love w/ anything in particular but it seems silly to let the sale go to waste bc I know I will be kicking myself in a few weeks if I do.
  6. I hate asking this question in a regular thread, but I can't find it in the Newcomer's Lounge (and for some reason it won't let me post a new thread there).

    What is PCE?

    Sorry, I just found out!
  7. Really? I was able to get Fragrance Print Brush Case. :shrugs:
  8. I got the fragrance print shoes too...

    I kind of felt this way. I didn't get any bags, because I didn't see anything I couldn't live w/o. I ordered sunglasses, 2 pairs of sandals, & the legacy ponytail scarf. The sunglasses are out of stock, so I now don't know whether to replace them with something or just to let it go...

    Also, I have a bad feeling one of the pairs of shoes may be going back... ARGH... that isn't hardly anything!! Got to find more stuff!!!
  9. i'm all confused as to what to buy:wacko: i'm going there on Wed. aarti, i know how you feel!