Not sure u can do this but..

  1. Can we shout out the best CS you recvd and in what area? I am in the Wash, DC area, I have visited:
    22033 - :tup: - Honey - 10329 hooked me on Ali
    22102 (Galleria):okay:Shaun
    22102 - :tup: - Ashley
    22202 - :yes:
    20007 - :yes: - Meera

    Now I have bought items from one store and turned around and returned said items at another store. I think what happens IN MY CASE, is that in the store, I have blinders, my head spins with GLEE, my eyes glass over, my heart races, I drool, my eyes are wildly looking wanting/buying and brain says..GET IT ALL...however, when I get home, I pull out my "Precious-es" and enter them into the collective :borg1:, my feelings change from :yahoo:, to "I guess I kinda like it".:shrugs:
    (hey I am working through it, alright!!!) lol

    ANYWHO, I do the walk of "The Return", and I get a pleasant but, "forced" CS smile and/or service, when they see me coming to do the return....believe me I do appreciate the effort, cause it is already kinda awkward me returning it, so SA's please keep faking the CS, but if ever want a store to win the award of best service in my area..I would have to give it to 22102 (Galleria). That store truly gave me Great CS. LOL
  2. Yea! I'm so happy to hear that it went well for you! It's always nice to hear about great shopping experiences.

    That said, I don't think we should feel awkward about returns; we spent a good amount of money for a bag and as long as we're honest and don't use it, etc., returning should be fine.

    I mean, when have you ever returned a bag and not bought anything else from Coach? Can't say I fit in that category!:nuts:
  3. U are so right...I don't fit in the return and NOT get something else category...Onward I headed to return 11127(too small):shrugs: and plan to pick-up 11134 (new Ali), etc. :yahoo::drool:, thought I would try a Coach store in the MD area today to do my return/puchase. Keep ya posted.
  4. Well...I have now switched my BEST CS in the Wash DC is coach store :heart: 21401!! These guys made my walk of "The Return" pleasant! It was painless, no sideways looks, friendly smile, eager to assist, etc. :tup: I already knew what I was going to order, so when the ordering process began, just in case I had my old 25% PCE card in hand, but the young woman completed the transaction without using it, WHOA! my purchasing was MOST enjoyable! :nuts:

    OH...and they gift wrapped my shipment...MAN I LOVE THAT! :yahoo:
  5. Shaun is my all time favorite Coach SA!:tup::tup::tup:
  6. Can you let us know which stores you're frequenting by name? :tup: I kno't know how to figure out which store by number...I'm in the DC area too & would love to know who has the best CS. One I've been in several times is not the most pleasant! :confused1:
  7. Charlotte, NC-- South Park Mall. :heart:

    Every person who works there is AMAZING! Not rude, very helpful, they do phone orders w/no problem, and they all LOVE Coach...

    :heart::heart::heart: them!
  8. all the SAs in Syracuse NY are super nice. they even held a wallet for me for a whole wk when it was the last one and i said i had to drive 4 hrs ot get there. i find the Toronto store v rude.
  9. Wow. I must have had a bad day for the SAs there when I visited. I wasn't impressed.
  10. Great thread! I'm glad to see something positive being posted on the Coach forum again. :tup:

  11. I love the SAs in Syracuse! I am from Syracuse!!!

    I will be in Syracuse on July 26th :yes:
  12. Shaun works at the Tysons Corner Galleria Store. There are 2 here in Tyson's but you wanna make sure you go to the one in the Tysons "Galleria" mall. That one is a flagship store so it has limited ed. items.
  13. The SA's at the store at Somerset in Troy, MI are the greatest! They are always so friendly & helpful...I just got a thank you from them in the mail today! :smile:
  14. Tennessee SAs are the GREATEST!!!! :tup::tup:

    Saddle Creek in Germantown, Green Hills in Nashville, and the factory store in Lebanon all have excellent service. I haven't been to West Town in Knoxville, but I'm sure they're great too. Nothing like that southern hospitality!!
  15. dencer cherry creek sa's are great too, they're holding a bag form me until friday. and they call to say thanks and stuff so...