Not sure if you do this on this forum....

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  1. ....but I thought I'd do it anyway - I'm Kat and I just recently moved to San Antonio. I'm a Coach convert, a Cole Haan addict, and a Kate Spade dabbler who's about to take the first plunge into Burberry that won't involve her perfume collection. (LOL.) I've already learned a lot by browsing the forum and look forward to chatting and sharing our bag fetishes. :P

    Still trying to decide what bag is right for me. I think when I see it I'll know!
  2. Welcome to TPF....
  3. Welcome Kat!
  4. Hey Kat! I can't wait to see your first Burberry purchase! Mine started with a Burberry novacheck bag, and than it kept going on to cashmere scarves, hats, earmuffs, shoes, boots, clothes,'s never ending once you start!
  5. Welcome :smile:

  6. Which is pretty much what I'm expecting and what my husband is afraid of... :smile:
  7. Oh, yes, I only ventured into Burberry a bit over a month ago but it is definitely a never ending story:smile:)) Burberry is like chocolate really. I will be getting my second bag this week and thinking of other things as well...
  8. Welcome!
  9. Welcome Kat :smile: I don't own a burberry bag yet but I have got my eyes on one particular beauty.
  10. I love Burberry and own quite of a bit of things bags, watch, belt, clothes, etc.