Not sure if this qualifies as Buyer's Remorse

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  1. Everyone,

    I've decided to return my Gaucho. I just can't deal with the smell. I don't know what the sales rep is going to think when I say this, but the smell has faded some, but it still stinks! I can't deal with that for that amount of money. Am I crazy to do this???

    I just can't stand to be near the bag for any period of time because of it. I feel that I should love it, but I really don't. I just think "Ewwww..." I think I will go for a quilted Chanel instead.
  2. wow you must have a real sensitive nose.
  3. I kinda think it smells like beef jerky LOL but if you really can't stand it then you shouldn't keep it
  4. If you still love the bag, maybe you exchange it for a better smelling one? This is the first time I've heard anybody complain about the smell of the gaucho or any bag for that matter :huh: . If it's the leather smell it definitely will fade with use.
  5. Once I was contemplating a Hogan bag and passed it up because it had a weird smell (not to mention an ugly lining). Also returned an Isabella Fiore bag with wooden handles that gave off a strong eucalyptus smell. The bag actually gave me a headache. If you are sensitive to the smell you should definitely return it--
  6. If there's a bad smell, you won't use it. I have this belt that's got a weird smell from the treatment of the leather. I've been airing it out for MONTHS and it still has the odor and I have yet to use it! So I totally get where you're coming from.
  7. RETURN IT!! but you you are absolutely in love with the style then get an exchange! I'm sure the SA will understand when you're spening that kinda $$$. good luck!
  8. Maybe it is just that one bag. You might take it back and ask if they have another and see if it smells the same. I had that happen once with a pair of shoes, and exchanged them and the new pair was fine. Could be some quirky thing.
  9. If they can't find you a better smelling one, definitely return it. You should be totally satisfied!
  10. Well, my gaucho has this smell too and it is pretty strong when you actually smell the leather. Now that you mentioned it, I started to pay a little more attention to it. Anyway, does anyone know what is smell come from? Is it from some kind of chemical to treat the leather or what? How long will the smell be gone after you use it? I like my gaucho and I don't plan on returning it but if the smell stay there too long I might think about it again..
    My gaucho is still in its dust bag and is waiting for me to use it. But as I am sitting here in front of the computer, I let it out and see if I can stand the smell for awhile. This is silly but I :worried: a little.
  11. I'd see about getting it exchanged first before giving up and getting something different.
  12. Maybe all the gauchos have that smell..:lol: and maybe I have to live with it. Right now I am so in love with my gaucho tote:love: .
  13. smell like liver? LOL
  14. I literally put my head in my bag just now and I can barely smell anything- I used leather conditioner on mine because I live in snow country and don't want spots. I wonder if that helped seal the smell?
    Now we not only have the liver reference in our heads but the image of bag huffing.:weird:
  15. LOL - bag huffing....I guess we do get high off our bag purchases sometimes. :P :biggrin:

    Balenciagalove - return it if you don't love it. Someone will else will adopt it.