Not sure if this is the right thread to ask...Gucci Boxers?

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  1. My friend wants to know if Gucci makes men's boxers? I told her to check Nordstrom but I have no clue if they even make them or not. Didn't see anything on their website.
  2. I do not think I have seen them but could be possible
  3. i have seen gucci underwear (men's briefs) so I would believe they made boxers also.
  4. I have seen gucci boxers at my local NM. Didn't check how much they run though.
  5. Thanks Everlong and kymmeeh. Our NM is opening in March of this year (YAY!) so I'll have her check there once they open.
  6. I have seen the boxer briefs and they are a whopping $185 for one pair if I remembered correctly.
  7. wowowo..:P i am sure its worth every cent to keep the treausre safe:idea: