Not sure if this is the right place to post this....

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  1. Just wondering if you all had suggestions for a place for Canadians to sell their handbags. Specifically, I had some Speedies that I want to sell, but not sure where to start! Thanks :smile:
  2. There's a Canadian preloved thread under Louis Vuitton shopping, try looking there?
  3. I sold some to Yoogi's closet online. It's a company in Seattle and they pay in US dollars. Since we have a crappy exchange rate, I was satisfied with the quote. You have to set up an account and send pics of your bag and date code. They will come back with an offer. If you accept, you have to send your bag to them. You pay for shipping. Depending on what you chose (consignment vs immediate sale), they will send you a check. I had also contacted Fashionpile but they tried to get me to split the customs bill with them and I wasn't having that. Good luck!
  4. When I was looking to consign my bag, I contacted some local consignment stores, but I found that they offered less than Yoogi's Closet/Fashionphile. They offered me about the same $ amount as my local consignment stores, but because of the exchange rate, I would get more money. So I optioned to sell my bag to Fashionphile because they gave me a better quote between them and Yoogi's. To save on the custom fees and shipping, I drove my item across the border to ship it. I know that option isn't available for most people, but I thought I would throw that out there incase you were close to the US/Canada border.

  5. Actually, I am near the border!:graucho: thank you for the tips!
  6. Thank you for the tips! I was going to go local, but I don't think they offer as much, as babycassie had said.
  7. You're welcome! Good luck on selling your item!
  8. There are some Canadian Facebook groups for selling, and there is always eBay :smile: