Not sure if this has been posted before... BUT i am dying to know!

  1. Are you ladies anything like me? :confused1:

    I love to buy bags but I only use one or two at a time and so my wardrobe is filled with unused bags!! Literally brand new in dustbags and sometimes even the original paper bag and ribbons on them!! I take them out occassionally to admire and smell HEH but then back into the wardrobe they go.. Am i weird? Please share your experiences!! :yes:
  2. You're not weird. There are bags that I haven't used yet...but I don't take them out and admire them. I've usually forgotten about them that's why I haven't used them.
  3. I don't do that, I have the uncanny ability NOT to overbuy or buy on a whim.
    I have my few staples and I carry them equally:yes:
  4. Swanky, you're so smart! I'm downsizing my collection as we speak. I'm getting rid of some of the bags I don't use and buying some bags I really want. I'm keeping my list super small from now on.
  5. LOL! Erika, we've just moved SOOO much that I've really learned how to not keep what I don't really need :yes:
    I'm not good about it w/ everything, my DD has clothes in her closet she's never worn. I hvae a REAL weakness there:shame:
  6. Well how can you not? Your kids are sooo adorable, they are bound to rack up a lot of stuff!
  7. awww! Thanks!:heart:
  8. I've got the same problem! I'm narrowing down my collection too, only to the ones that I love and use the most. The other bags have gone buy-bye via ebay. I only have one more left to go and I'm done. Then again, I've got my eyes on a Gucci..... and a Dior... and a Botkier....
  9. Like the military can use a few good men...I can only use a few good bags at one time.

    I have pruned my collection for a number of reasons...finances due to family issues are tight so that was an easy decision. Designer bags are like money in the bank. Makes me appreciate what I have left and the occasional gift that comes in my direction even more.
  10. I have started down sizing too.. BUT i still have a loong loong way to go.. And i feel kind of sad parting with my bags.. especially those that i have not used! :sad: Nevertheless, I still tell myself to do it cos I have so many bags that i wanna buy!! :sweatdrop: SOMETHING must be wrong with my brain tuning! LOL
  11. I'm envious!! I buy lots of bags at whim!! And some of them I probably do not like that much... :s I know I am BAD. :shame:
  12. I use all my bags, but sometimes I do feel like I don't use them as much as I should...
  13. I tend to collect my bags so I only use a few and rotate among those. The rest are part of my collection.
  14. I downsize my collection a few months ago as when I look into my wardrobe it was like bags every where, trouble is I have been buying again recently but will not get to how I was. I think if you are not going to use the bags then its better to sell them and get something you will use.
  15. I usually have my newest 4 or 5 in rotation but I don't think I own an unused bag. Every once in a while I break out an "old" one and rediscover and fall all over in love with it. I love having them all there in my closet.