Not sure if this boy bag exists????

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  1. That’s the exact hardware I want but haven’t seen it yet on this bag until yours... she’s beautiful!!! I called Chanel asking if any boutiques happen to have this bag but unfortunately they said none do.... I’m going to keep trying and hopefully will get lucky and find one, fingers crossed!!!
  2. I think this combo was not available in the USA? But I could be wrong. I don’t remember seeing it and my SA said she never saw it. Hopefully they release one for spring/summer act 2, try to call and see if they will release any?
  3. Yes it does I still get to see it
  4. Hi you said you’ve seen this combo on this bag? In the US? Any chance you know of any stores that have it in stock? I’ve been searching high and low but no luck
  5. They are selling them in the stores now i just got one last week.
  6. Omg really what store did you purchase yours at? I’ve been to a few here in Los Angeles and none have them
  7. I was at the Highland Park in Dallas, TX. Ask for Wendy she is very helpful and may be able to ship to you. Heres her # 8482654353
  8. Thanks so much!!!