not sure if it's rumor or not...

  1. SA from Nordstrom told me that all the lambskin classics just went up in price again today, like quite significantly.
  2. that's odd...

    did they give you the new prices?
  3. i can't really remember, i was never really interested in lambskin anyways, so i didn't pay too much attention, but from the sounds of it, it was like 3 or 4 hundred dollars jump.
  4. :wtf: :crybaby:why oh why!
  5. :wtf: 3 or 4 hundred from the recent increase?!! that would make a medium lambskin classic flap in the mid 2000s!!!

    woahh, thanks for the info. maybe some other members can confirm this!
  6. when I was looking at the medium perfo flap was $2400CDN so a lambskin being that price doesn't really surprise me. and a price increase just before the new red hits the stores, that is just plain mean!
  7. :crybaby: hope not true . . . at this rate I will be on a purse ban forever!
  8. :
  9. :cursing: you know what, ya'll? I wouldnt be surprised if Chanel wasn't in a "meanie clique" with the dept. stores that have it.... i sincerely think that the last of the Saks Trunk Show bags, maybe even the Act 2's, have been in Saks for some time now, but they didn't want to bring them out too soon after the ECG event because they wanted to be sure and sell them at their full price, hoping that the EGC card receivers would buy other things first
    just my frustrated, annoyed, obsessive ranting...........:rant:

    <waiting for a PF Saks SA to stomp on her head :hysteric:
  10. Can anyone confirm? My first thought is that this can't be true. A sudden $300-$400 price jump would only alienate their customers further after a very recent and hefty increase.

    I wonder if this SA was just pulling your leg.
  11. The SA at Saks told me there would be another price increase around May, didn't say how much though....
  12. Do they think they're LV?
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. OMG! Somebody PLEASE tell me this is not happening~~

    I will be crying my eyes out!!!!:shocked: :cry:
  15. Looks like the black lambskin I have on the top of my wish list will be sidelined for now. :sad: Hope this isn't true.